Don’t hold back our Sadness All Around

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Happiness is when fitness is what you meet and when illness is what you beat.

In present day scenario people are suffering a lot both physically and mentally. The faces with smile have started fading day by day. Every nook and corner now narrates some of the stories of pain and sadness. Physical sufferings are at a boom today and many conditions still remain undiagnosed. Every 8 0f 10 person have become a powerhouse for n number of diseases and the irony is they are living with it. But when the pain reaches its height, it somewhere challenges their inspiration level. There comes a moment where tears define their state of illness.

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When a lady not even at the age of 40 starts feeling that she has no hope left in her life to be fit again, asks a question to every human that what lifestyle we all are living? What is the root cause to all these problems? Can she ever smile in her life again?

Let everyone take first step to find that lost smile on every face. What has went wrong that people are more gloomy and hopeless. Sedentary lifestyle is the biggest issue that every human should eradicate to see glimpses of smile back on faces. That lady’s illness challenges her inspiration daily because she is not able to fulfill her promises she has made to her child. Her heartbreaks when she is not able to walk a mile in spite of promising her son to take him miles far. She has tried her best possible to be fine but she is not able to. Humans are progressing towards a deteriorating phase of health where one day smile will be extinct. Find a reason to smile and spread smile by being healthy and making others healthy. A healthy nation where no promise get broken, where people can actually walk far and miles away from sadness.

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Ask a question that what has went wrong and start working out on it from day first and end up where smile lasts..!!!


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