Don’t regret it later 

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We often regret things we wanted to do but we end up regretting ! Why? Because we are scared . We are afraid to follow are dreams we are afraid to follow our heart we are horrified to follow our passion. How stupid it is to not do things which we like because of whatever reasons  . It’s your life at a certain point we all will feel dependent because we are brought up in an atmosphere of dominance.  People dominate us directly and indirectly. They achieve something which is accepted by the society and now the pressure is on us because some people think that life is about competition!  No brother it’s about living . Living for a reason.  You just cannot live on someone’s expectation  . You don’t owe anyone . Your life is not a liability dear . Your life is your decision . It’s the conclusion of your strength,  determination, fearlessness.   Do not waste your time on thinking what the damn people will think . These people will not be there with you when you’ll regret your decisions on your death bed.  Don’t waste the chances you have with you . Don’t let the limits decide your unlimited power . JUST DON’T  

It’s difficult to challenge your society.  But it’s not something you should be afraid about it . Because the decisions which we make by listening our heart will not make us weak but decisions we make listening from others we end up regretting  . Don’t forget it’s never to late to live your life . It’s never to late to work for what you want. Because regret is a punishment. I don’t think anyone will waste his/her life making all bad decisions because you have not followed your heart . If you still feel pride in following the society which knows only to judge then get ready to regret a little more in your life 

No one knows your future and you would not like to ruin it by doing somethings you never wanted.  Just go for it . Don’t wait for the approval. Work for your passions!  

The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing  you had . 

Don’t regret later ! 


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