Dummy Articleship

Dummy articleship have you hear that word. It looks very new & attractive when you never heard this before. In the real word dummy articleship is training of CA student who never go to office & registered for articleship with institute. In generally CA student take dummy articleship because of the study reason. They want to learn more & more from books & want to clear CA final exam For the CA degree. Dummy articleship is banned by ICAI & it is termed as fraud. 

It  is not important to pass CA exam but  taking the practical exposure is most important

Hard work in starting is more good  than wondering after completing the course

Pros of dummy articleship:

The only benefit of dummy articleship is that you get the time for  study for the CA final or IPCC. Only because of this benefit student are going for the dummy articleship. many people who only want he degree of CA is gone for this.

Cons of dummy articleship:

1) Lack of practical exposure: The main loss of dummy articleship is that you didn’t get the exposure of practical life. You didn’t know how to handle practical situation. By doing this you can clear CA exam but you are not able to handle the practical situation.

2) Wastage of money: When  a person go for dummy articleship he has to pay something to CA for the dummy articleship. CA charges an amount per month or lump sum basis. so we can say it is totally wastage of money

3) Interview problems: After taking dummy articleship when you go for the interview you didn’t have any confidence on yourself because of not having the exposure of practical life. Interviewer will ask you practical question then appoint you.

4) No network: if you will take the dummy articleship you will never met with the client & you didn’t know the persons so your network becomes limited & also you didn’t know how to deal with the clients. You have to work very hard after becoming CA for making a network.                   


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