We live in a world, where BEAUTY is measured by skin tone. If a person is fair enough, they are admired as “Beautiful”. But if a person is dark, they consider it as ugly. But it is really hard to make people believe that dark tones are really the native, healthy ones. Due to this racial disbelief, the dark people are being disappointed and made to feel more inferior because of the fair skin domination. But trust me DUSKY tone is the most beautiful tone, since it has really got many beautiful values and also it is more sensual and healthy when compared to other skin tones. Dark is the color of eternity and beauty. Everyone has to accept it, even though many find the fair skin as attractive.


Indians possess the native skin tone – the dark complexion. Especially over the Dravidian side, the black skin tone is the actual native skin tone of people. In India there exists the Fair,Light,Wheatish,Tan,Brown,Dusky and Dark skin tones. But Indian people are comparatively more obsessed about fair skin than any other country people. 

Particularly Indian mothers who tend to find a match for their sons make it very sure that they get a fair-skinned daughter in law to fight with. But these brain less people consider as if dark skinned people are brain less and fair skinned people are genius. Turning back to our Puranas, even gods and goddesses are dark toned say Rama, Krishna and even the temple deities portray that DARK IS EVERYTHING. It is divine and earthly. So it’s better to realize that dark skin is not ugly, but it’s heavenly.


DUSKY tone nowadays is more in demand. It is otherwise called as the copper toned or bronze toned or the chocolate color. DUSKY tone looks good on both guys and girls. Guys with dark skin tone and a good height and a beard is more sexier than fair skinned guys. Even girls look more seducing with DUSKY tone rather than fair skinned girls. Brown tone is actually attractive and it is tempting also.

 Many actors and actresses with DUSKY tone in the INDIAN film industry are more talented and attractive than the fair skinned actors. Also Many successful celebrities own DUSKY tone. So it’s better to realize that DUSKY is nothing ugly or unacceptable, but it’s actually the color of temptation. And if you are DUSKY skinned never feel inferior or feel low about yourself, because it is you who should feel proud that you own a very demanding skin tone.


Any look will suit for a DUSKY skin. Either it be a formal or a casual, trendy or traditional, everything matches the DUSKY skin tone. But the main thing to concentrate on is to choose a color accordingly. Bright colors make you look dull, but light colors look good on you. The most important to note about DUSKY skin is that it is more healthy when compared to other skin tones. The DUSKY skin tones usually don’t get sun burnt and it doesn’t get wrinkles so soon as the dark complexioned skins get aged slower due to the presence of excessive Melanin cells. The dark skins face the less risk of skin cancer and the high Melanin content shows the sign of high immune power. The dark skin usually protects the skin cells from UV rays . Even the pimple marks don’t stay too long on your face.


Some believe that to become a celebrity, or to become popular among people, they should own a fair tone. But the dark skin models are more in demand as any style suits them. It’s quite interesting to know about ANOK YAI, A black model from Egypt, is now an American fashion model. She was found during the HOWARD UNIVERSITY’S homecoming week and was asked for a photograph. Her photograph was uploaded to Instagram and surprisingly she got over 20,000 likes and was recognized as a model. She was the first one to open a Parda fashion show as a Sudanese model. She is considered as the most expensive model on earth as she charges around $15,000 per hour if her fashion photography.

The DUSKY tone is the new trend setting skin tone and never feel dejected when few taunt about your skin color. Feel proud that you own a very healthy skin tone and a DEMANDING native tone. You are not ugly by complexion, but the people who disgrace you are ugly by their mentality!


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