In this article you are going to learn about the differences between being an employee and an entrepreneur. Just before graduating from college some students want to be in a profession, some students want to do a job in a big company but there is one in many who has a dream of being an entrepreneur and to create jobs for a million employees.

I will list some of the basic differences in the attitude and the habits of a student that makes him/her either an employee or an entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurs see a solution in every problem and employees see a problem in every solution.


Entrepreneurs are solution-oriented, they know changes are a part of life and every problem has a solution. They patiently understand the problem and find a solution to it and if they can’t find one then they create a solution for it. While on the other hand, employees start giving excuses that they failed to do this work because of this and that problem. When everything goes wrong they start blaming their juniors, the system, and the process but only an entrepreneur has the ability to stand up and take the responsibility to solve their problem.


Leaders are readers


Entrepreneurs read a lot. A study has been conducted and it has been found that 99% multi-millionaires and billionaires almost read 3 hours a day. WARREN BUFFETT reads 8 hours a day and the world’s richest man BILL GATES, reads 5000 pages a day. If you want to  grow in life then learn from your mistakes and if you want to grow fast than learn from other’s mistakes. Entrepreneurs gain experience and learn from the mistakes of smart people by reading their books. Employees only read and learn the bookish language which will only help them get a job. But only entrepreneurs know that reading is the most powerful source of growth, inspiration, and new ideas.




Reading is as important to the mind as physical exercise is to the body. Reading keeps your mind healthy, active, and productive.




Employees get paid for their work and entrepreneurs get profit for results.


Employees are hired on a fixed salary to do 9 to 5 works. But the work of an entrepreneur is 24*7. That’s why they receive the highest profits in a business. An entrepreneur has to take the risk of the results not being in favor and if so happens then he will get nothing. But an employee is only there to do a predefined task for which he/she gets paid. But for an entrepreneur, there is no predefined task, he has to do anything and everything to save and grow his business empire. An entrepreneur takes the risk because of his faith and an employee plays it safe because of his fear.


Entrepreneurs are always ready to learn but employees are not.


If you want to be an employee for the rest of your life then don’t worry, just stick to the average mindset and you have no need to learn anything new. But if you want to be an entrepreneur then you will have to learn new things, find new and easy ways of doing things. Entrepreneurs make mistakes in their life because they are always trying something new. Employees are not willing to learn so no one can help them but entrepreneurs are always willing to learn so no one can stop them.


Entrepreneur takes responsibility while employees try to avoid responsibility


Entrepreneurs take full responsibility for the success and the failure of their business. Responsibility is something that most of the people try to avoid. Entrepreneurs do not say that my business is not running well because my employees are not working well. On the other hand when something goes wrong in organization employees start blaming the management or their juniors. They try to avoid taking the responsibility for their actions. Entrepreneurs accept responsibility for their actions and they take ownership of their mistakes.


Being an entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you want to be your own boss and want to employ people rather than being employed then you will have to work much harder than any of your friends or relatives but remember, having a purpose and a positive mindset will drive you in the right direction and working hard will help you reach your destination.

You have two options in life- face your fears and grab your dreams or sit back and surrender.

Choose wisely.




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