Era of exploitation condemning  female’s aspirations

The KATHUA RAPE CASE  refers to the abduction, rape and murder of an 8 year old girl,  ASIFA BANO ,  in Rasana village near kathua in the indian state of Jammu Kashmir in January 2018. She disappeared for a week before her dead body was discovered by the villagers a kilometre away from the village . The arrests of the accused led to protests from  groups, one of which was attended by two ministers from the BHARTIYA JANTA PARTY, Both of whom have now resigned.

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The rape and murder, as well as the support the accused received, sparked widespread anger.

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A statement released by the police listed eight individuals who had been arrested and charged over the crime,including four police officers on 9 April. The accused were charged under section 302,376,201 and 120-B of the Ranbir Penal Code.

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                                               protest for the justice

On 12 April 2018 ,a candlelight march was held at India gate,New Delhi . It was attended by Indian National congress  leaders. An FIR has been filed against lawyers protesting in support of HINDU EKTA MANCH . Right wing Hindu groups staged protests against arrests of the accused individuals, who are all Hindus. While attempting to file charges against the accused, the crime branch police were met with protests from lawyers in front of the chief Judicial Magistrate’s office in kathua. The lawyers were protesting in support of the HINDU EKTA MANCH , and tried to prevent the charges from being filed; the charged sheet was submitted eventually , after police reinforcements arrived. This support for the individuals accused of rape led to widespread social chaos and anger.

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On 13 April 2018, the Prime Minister of India, SHRI NARENDRA MODI , as well as the Supreme Court of India, made statements condemning the incident and said justice would be ensured. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutierrez stated that the “guilty must be held responsible” and described the incident as “horrific”. The United Nations also expressed  hopes that  authorities will bring perpetrators to justice.


If we don’t take a step against these culprits, then they will destroy our girls, women which are in the form of a mother, a daughter, a sister ,  a daughter-in-law to us.

As a youth of this nation, we the change makers should have a courage so that we can stop this incidents happening with our  dear ones. It is our duty to protect our nation’s wealth as it a saying in the indian culture, ” Every girl is like a LAXMI, goddess of wealth”. So respect the diety to whom you worship… and stand for the right because this can also happen with your sister, mother, wife  etc. We hear many rape cases here and now, what steps are government taking for our women’s dignity , their self-respect?  Culprits should be given ‘ death sentence ‘ as  to lesson the people out there sitting in air conditioned rooms planning to trap other girls. If we want that our girls should be protected then help the girls whenever you see them in trouble,stand for the truth.Everyone  is free to think, to express their feelings in their own way, to eat and wear anything which they want…. who are you to judge a girl, who is wearing a jeans and consider her as ‘ a character-less girl’?  For these type of persons out there I only want to say



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