Everone has a story .

I have a story . A story to tell you all . You ask me not to fear . I fear because I was free before. Free of anything, not anymore .

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Free~ Just like the string of the kite ?

So, here is a girl . Call her Rashi . A girl having a mini world of happiness within her . With a lot of dreams and a lot more enthusiasm , each day is special to her . Her parents grew her well . Single -child as she is , she has got all the love and affection from everyone . At the same time she is free . Freedom of doing what she want to , freedom of where she want to be , freedom of how she wants to live . There are no secrets which she hides from her family as they are more of her friends than family . But one certain day , she enters a whole new world . A place where she has no one with whom she has spent 18 years of her life . Yes , she enters a new state for her education as she pursues designing in college .

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Good vibes? Maybe.

It goes good to her as she starts her new journey in this new world . But that’s easy for her because she hasn’t change and if she has , she has changed for the better . She has a number of trustable friends and good companions to spend time with . She has positive vibes . She has a kid inside her which never dies . Full of energy and eagerness , she has a wonderful new family around her . But what she’s lacking ?

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More of a FAMILY.

There is no security. Niether security of happiness nor of life . The girl who never feared , who was once free like the air , is now in a trap . A trap with her own self . What makes her feel so.?

When she sits in her room , there is negativity , when she goes to bath , there is fear. When she goes to college , she is lost. Lost in the air which is unknown . The person next to door is no more the one whom you will see always smiling . But what has led this fear inside her ?

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