Fact’s you should know about koenigsegg…part-3

Number eleven

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One of the sole 2 items of ccxr trevita within the world is in Floyd Mayweather’s garage, once having simply oversubscribed his for million greenback Ferrari Floyd Mayweather went out in 2015 to get a four.8 million greenback Koenigsegg CCX I keep in mind the ccxr trevita special edition solely had 2 units created one among these 2 cars resides within the garage of Floyd Mayweather beside a set of another multi-million greenback vehicles, the opposite ccxr trevita belongs to associate unidentified man United Nations agency lives in Geneva.

Number twelve

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The Koenigsegg Regera was named one of the top 10 most expensive cars for 2017, when roughly translated the word Rajaram means arranged and that new Koenigsegg production is probably here to reign supreme with a tag of one.9 million greenbacks this beast runs on a 7/8 internal-combustion engine supplemented by 3 electrical motors giving it a combined output of over 1,800 power unit solely eighty lucky folks within the world can get to have this Swedish Marvel.

Number thirteen

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A Koenigsegg Agera RS was hand-painted with gold leaf at the request of his owner, in September 2016 Koenigsegg debuted in Agera RS called Moriah a name chosen by its owner for his association along with his family the outside and interior of the Moriah was hand-painted at the Koenigsegg factories by far-famed Italian automotive craftsman at Tory working person Calogero and the automotive’s name Neriah was painted on a three-year sign the painting of the total car took fortnight, which is however seriously customers random requests for further luxury are taken at Koenigsegg.

Number fourteen

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Koenigsegg was the primary hypercar producer to supply environment-friendly vehicles. Before the other supercar manufacturer had determined to show to inexperienced technology Koenigsegg free the biofuel run ccxr in 2007 following suit the Agera R was created to be run by each hydrocarbon or v100 biofuel or any combine in between.

Number fifteen

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Koenigsegg set the planet automotive speed record in 2015, Koenigsegg set the Guinness world record in September 2011 by doing the 0 300 0 km/h in a time interval of 21.92 seconds mistreatment the Koenigsegg Agera R then it came back in 2015 to beat its past record by cutting three.2 4 seconds of what was an undisputable record finishing the same test in seventeen point nine five seconds with the Koenigsegg one:1 mega car, tell us which is a koenigsegg models do you think with suits you.

For those of you who are still here, we have an extra fact for you.

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The koenigsegg Agera has no transmission some auto experts have called it something of a Darwinian evolution the Swedish automaker has been able to transcend the need for transmission and has replaced the normal gear case with 3 electrical motors his slot Koenigsegg calls direct drive owing to this style the Ruggiero was created 194 pounds lighter than it’d have been have they used the normal transmission it’s safe to mention that Christian von Koenigsegg is revolutionizing automotive engineering ecology.

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