The Constitution of India and the remaining number of acts are speaking about the life and liberty in this Democratic country. Moreover, the intentions of the Indian laws are to protect the innocents. That is why the law is having a saying which reads, “Thousand criminals may escape from the punishment, but no single innocent should be punished”.

                      But, now-a-days the practical is entirely different from the intention of the Constitution and the legislators. If one person is having money and man power he can simply punish the innocents with just a false complaint with the support of the Police.

                       Based on a false complaint, not just an innocent gets suffered but his entire family carries the burden and untold hardships. Our judiciary and legal proceedings are not saving the innocents from the false complaints at the initial stage itself. It is a regretting fact that the innocents are remanded in the prisons without even the basic enquiries been conducted which is certainly a challenge to the Democratic country and a dangerous threat to the life and liberty of the citizens of the Democratic country.

                        Does our Constitution and remaining Acts provide the power to the Police and Magistrates to punish the innocents on the basis of FALSE COMPLAINT? Never!!!

                         Honestly deliver your valuable opinions in this regard. And don’t forget to read our upcoming blogs regarding the false complaints and punishments even without enquiry and do follows us!


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