Feelings Left Unsaid 

You were my favorite intoxication,

never realized it was a poison,

killing me inside out

but still I wanted you without a doubt

we’ll be together,


what about these promises?

you lied,

I cried,

then I tried,

to make everything alright!

can’t get you out of my head

some feelings are left unsaid

oh well!!

I was trapped in your spell,

you and me together forever was my eternal fantasy

Dreams, dreams and dreams full of ecstasy

I bemoan our separated ways,

Because still your memories catalyse my craze,

By your side I always wanted to be

but loneliness, trouble and pain was what you gave me

oh dear!

you gave me those bitter tears,

a fake mask you wear,

but now I see everything is clear,

I thought you were the flower whose essence

will fill fragnace

in me

in my world

in my heart

but you ended up to injure me with thorns

and tore me apart

you said goodbye,

after completing all your lies,

and left me lonely with wet eyes

maybe I should thank you to leave me alone!

coz the things now I own

is a heart cold as stone

with feelings unknown!!!

~Mugdha Pande 

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