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This is what happens to your body when you start taking fish oil

       Today the market is literally flooded with a whole lot of food supplements that promise you super perfect health and longevity.but let’s face it;not all there supplements can do what they fact , some of them may end up doing you harm than good however there’s one supplement that stands out from the rest it is effectiveness has been proven by science time and again it’s none other than fish oil. 1. Lose weight,2.better health,3.stonger  immune system,4.clear skin,5.healthy  pregnancy,6.boost memory.


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1. Lowers mild high blood pressure fish oil helps lower blood pressure when it is due to high cholesterol and hardening of the arteries

2.lower risk developing altrzheimer diease studies have found that fish oil seems to help protect the nervous system

3.improver immune system function fish oil benefits and studies have linked lowered risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer to the consumption of fishoil

4.Reduces depression rates the lack of DHA has been linked to higher incidence rates of depression.


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Fish oil is said to improve one’s skin health ,As humans we often take extra care on our skin is the peak of the youth of a person.if the body has been enough supply of Omega-3 fatty acids superficial wounds and abrasions will heal quickly because the cells regenerate fast enough to produce news cells that will cover the old contains EPA that produces prostaglandins, which keeps the cells to function healthily.other Omega 3 benefits on skin is that skin does not produce much oils or sebum that causes pimple,acne and other skin problems .


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As the body builders burn lots of calories there are less chances of arterial blockage.adding 3-6 grams of fishoil in the diet may boost good cholesterol and maintain the healthy ratio of HDL of is very compulsory for body builders to remain calm and stress free during physical activities and the fishoil serve this purpose daily supplementation of fish oil after a carbohydrate rich Neal is recommended to get the maximum benefits.reduce risk of inflammation and heals an injuries quickly body builders develop injuries and suffer joint pain from the countless hours in the weight room .fish oil have been tested for their effectiveness to reduce inflammation and joint pain .


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It’s is said that the polyunsaturated fatty acids found in fish oil can greatly enhance your hairs health and density, along with drastically cutting down hair loss and also restoring the overall hair cycle balance if you want to get long thick hair fishoil has a type of Omega 3 fatty acids which can make your hairs shiner stonger and also eliminate traces of dry scalp and dandruff .the oils extracted from them are included them in your diet at last 2 to 3 time you can greatly.


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