Fly higher , conquer your fear 

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Hey you , yes you  

Look up right at the sky 

What do you think? You can fly ? 

Yes, of course you can 

If you are determined and you don’t care about the wind … the breeze , the storm 

If you are afraid,  if you are petrified so change your mindset, change your thoughts and change your form 

Remember you don’t have to stop , you just have to fly 

Higher higher and higher ! 

No , don’t look down 

Just wear the clouds as your crown 

Now the competition begins ! 

In the sky you will see the birds flying with you , 

You will see the hawk lying to you 

That he can fly higher than you . 

What you will do? will you believe him? If you will then get ready to fall down and go back on your feet 

And if you won’t then say out loud that ” NO I AM NOT SCARED OF MY DEFEAT ” 

Now fly with all your strength 

Don’t worry if you can’t reach the moon , may be your destination is somewhere else and 

you will going to see it soon ! 

Still don’t stop flying you have to go far and far  

It’s okay if you can’t reach to the moon you can still still get the stars  

Because your hard work is precious 

You are determined 

You are fearless 

You are strong  

Soon you’ll be the king of  your throne 

Your journey may be difficult 

Your path might be foggy 

But your vision should be clear 

And one day you will conquer your  fear!  



At times certain thoughts strike our mind that we can’t do this Or that!  But we need some motivation to keep us going and one such  way is reading some good content . This poem is one such way you can motivate yourself . Flying means to follow your dreams your passion dont worry about the future  and further  competitions   (birds and hawk) and sometimes we work really hard but we can’t win but Thats not the end ! You have to keep on flying  (going ) may be your destination is somewhere else . Who knows your hard work 


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