It is a rat race, everyone is running for money. One who has more, wants even more. Money is number and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.

Nobody is interested in improving themselves. They are not interested in achieving excellence. Everyone wants that their bank balance should look like their mobile number. True happiness lies in rewarding relationships, not in material wealth.

But it’s not our mistake. Our education system has been designed to train us like this. They teach hundreds of subjects, but not even a single subject on “How to live life”.

OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM SAYS: study for 12 years, 18 hours a day and mug up text books. All for a good college, and after that same process of mugging up for another 4 years 20 hours a day.  Why, for a good job, so that you can make money.

How? Doing the same work every day from 10 to 5 for your employer, congratulations you are now a trapped rat.

You should work on yourself, invest in yourself and improve your nature, personality, communication skills, mentality, character and attitude. This will take you to great heights. Experiences are worth more than you think. Life experiences will give more lasting pleasure than material success. Someone else may be happy with less than what you have. Try to free yourself from these material things.

So be a man of value rather than being a man of price.

Fools often sell their value for price.


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