To have a friend means that we enjoy doing things with him. Friendship is possible only if two people like each other. We may like someone very much, but if he does not like us, it is not easy to become friends with him. Others cannot force us to like them. We cannot force anyone to like us. But if we are kind and friendly to others, they generally appreciate us and become our friends.

Usually, the more we know about someone, the more we like him. There is a feeling of closeness among friends. We care for each other and are ready to share what we have. We may share our games, toys, work, etc. We also share our love, joy, sorrows and hardships. We may even share our clothes, money, books and other belonging with our friends.

Friendship has no meaning if one does not accept the other. When we are friends with someone we are not worried about his appearance, or about the color of his skin, the religion he believes in, the caste he belongs to, the place he was born at, the language he speaks at home, etc. We do not let out friends feel left out when they are with us.

There is a sense of responsibility and a spirit of sacrifice in friendship. We feel responsible for taking care of each other. We may sacrifice our time, money or even our life for our close friends. We are not enviously of what a friend has or what he can do. We feel happy about his achievements. We may try to do better than our friends in games, study or work, but we always help them also to do their best.

A friend is someone we can trust. We are not afraid of telling our secrets to him. A true friend will not make use of what he knows about us to do harm to us. True friends are loyal to each other. They know each other’s weaknesses and mistakes; but they speak to others only good things about each other.

Man cannot live alone. Everyone needs someone to talk to, to keep company with, to share his joys and sorrows with. We need to feel that someone likes us. The people in our family love us; but we also need friends. A selfish, dishonest, proud and rude person is not liked by anyone. Such people are always lonely. They have no friends.

We can be friends with many people. Our closeness to them will vary. We will be friendly to all, close to some, and intimate with a few. We call these few our ‘best’ friends. We can also be a friend of the poor, the handicapped or the aged. All we need to do is to be kind and polite to them, and love them as they are.

I like to have many friends. If I like many people, many people will like me.


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