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West Virginia Penitentiary, West Virginia

If it’s not obvious to you by now, there’s something about penitentiaries that the team at Ghost Hunts USA is intrigued by. We can’t seem to stop visiting these places and experiencing all of their paranormal activity for ourselves. The West Virginia Penitentiary is no different, and it’s one that we do love being able to share with those that are equally as curious as us! It wouldn’t be a haunted location if there wasn’t a ton of history tied to it, which is exactly what initially sparked our interest in this space. That being said, take a seat and check out the intriguing history that makes up this haunted attraction.

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The Farnsworth Inn, Pennsylvania

When you think of a bed and breakfast, the last group of people that you imagine spending time with are those that have already passed. While it may not be ideal, that is exactly the group of people that are most known for staying at the Farnsworth Inn. The team at Ghost Hunts USA happened to be intrigued by the stories that have been told of the Farnsworth Inn, and we immediately made it a part of the list of locations that we go out to visit. Check out the history of the inn and see what it is that continues to intrigue us. 

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The Gill House, Ohio

A house becomes your home. A place where you can treasure the special memories of your children growing up, special moments with your spouse, and the times that you laughed until you cried, but for some houses that aren’t the case. The Gill House mansion is one of the homes that screams of sadness and tortured souls that have yet to make their way to the afterlife. Ghost Hunts USA is intrigued by the stories that we’ve heard from the spirits that remain in the Gill House. So much so, that we have scheduled a few different tours that you can join us on, but first, it’s important that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

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St. Albans Sanatorium, Virginia

The St. Albans Sanatorium is located in Radford, Virginia and is known as being one of the most haunted locations on the East Coast, but the most haunted location in Virginia. Dozens of experienced, paranormal investigators have made their way to this location to experience some of the stories that have been passed along, for themselves. There have been people that go with full intentions of staying through the night, when activity is said to be extremely high, and leave much earlier because they’re overwhelmed by all of the paranormal occurrences that happen. 

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