Dreams are the seeds of success but to make those seeds grow into a fruitful tree you need a goal in life.

When you give your dreams a deadline then it becomes a goal.


Difference between a goal and a dream:-

A dream is a vision of what you want but when a goal is put into action it can change that vision into reality. Most people think that dreams and goals are one and the same thing but that is absolutely wrong. Dreams are something you just think about. They are only in your mind not in reality and they just require imagination. On the other hand, goals are something you are working on and they are based on reality. They can change your whole life and can transform any loser into a winner.


Goals are very important in life:-

In the last article, you learned that to do the incredible you must dream the impossible. To do something extraordinary in life you must first dream about it and when you decide a date by which you will accomplish your dream then it becomes a goal. A goal is nothing more than a dream with a deadline.

If you have a dream in life but you have not specified a date by which you will accomplish your dream then you will never be able to accomplish your dream because you cannot see your target and you cannot hit a target which you cannot see. Goals are the stepping stones towards the realization of your dreams.


It is very important to set a target because a target keeps you focused on your dreams. Have you heard the famous story of a donkey and the carrot?  A merchant had a donkey whom he was unable to control, the donkey could never remember the way towards the merchant’s home and would always wander on a different route. One day the merchant used a trick and he started dangling a carrot in front of the donkey and the donkey started moving towards the carrot and the merchant used the carrot to make the donkey go wherever he wanted it to go. For the donkey, the carrot was the target and because he could see his target right in front of him, he kept on moving towards the destination.

If we keep our target in front of us then nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dream. A clear view of our target helps us to get the best out of our lives.

Remember, in the long run, people only hit what they aim at.

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Why most people fail in achieving their goals?

The most common reason due to which people fail in achieving their goals is ‘DISTRACTION’.

When a person sets a goal in his life then at that particular time he/she is highly motivated to complete their goal but after 2-3 days their motivation slowly wears off because they start getting distracted by other things like partying, movies, gaming, etc.


The other reason is ‘GIVING UP’.

When the circumstances are normal and everything is going as planned people keep working on their goals but as soon as something goes wrong, even if it is completely insignificant the same people start feeling demotivated and they start believing that it is impossible for them to achieve their goal and finally they give up and change their goal and this is the worst habit that a person can cultivate.

Stick to your goals and if something goes wrong do not change your goal, just change your way!

For example, if you are going to your friend’s birthday party and you find that the road to his/her home is under construction and closed, do you give up and go back home? No! You find another road that’s open.

Yoy must give the same response when you encounter any difficulty while achieving your goal.





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