Many blame that life is not a bed of roses for them. And most of the people are living a hopeless life with a fake portrait smile on their face. They never do the things which they do with a great liking. But they just do things as if they are forced by someone to do that. Many have a BEAUTIFUL FACE BUT NOT EVERYONE WISHES TO THROW A BEAUTIFUL SMILE. The reason is they live a life out of compulsion but not with their own interest. They live for other’s ad nit for themselves. They imagine that they are searching for happiness and they do certain things which give them an unfortunate ending. Yes, all the major problem start when people start searching for happiness. It’s not wrong in seeking happiness from outside, but the saddest truth is that none has realized that happiness is found WITHIN OURSELVES.

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Many people try to make HAPPINESS as a product and sell them as of a corporate business advertising their ads commencing a asylum and attracting people through all the possible techniques. But in return, they earn money with HAPPINESS as a theory. For many HAPPINESS seems in different forms. Some think that money is HAPPINESS, some believe beauty is everything, some travel a lot to find HAPPINESS and what not. Yet towards the end of the day, they don’t have a peaceful sleep, since they bother what is going to happen TOMORROW. None understands that HAPPINESS is something which comes from within and should be shared with others by you, but it’s not a thing which could be borrowed from others. It’s not what even GOD CAN GIVE, BUT YOU CAN ONLY CREATE IT IN AND AROUND YOU.

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EXPECTATIONS are the primary cause for what all problems we face. If we get what we expect, we expect more. EXPECTATIONS never have an end. But what we expect is always what we nit get. This is not a note of disappointment, but we should expect things in our life, but not from people. 

We can dream but not expect. We can dream if becoming a successful person by applying the right effort for it, but we should not expect people to give us the identity as a successful people. We cannot always afford people to make them satisfied for everything we do. Even if we do the right things in a right way, they will condemn it. Hence it is better not to expect from people to always be by our side, but we should accept to live in the reality.

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Do the things which makes you feel satisfied, never do anything to satisfy others. You will receive more complaints rather than complements. So it’s better to do things to make yourself proud, instead of expecting appreciation and encouragement from others. If you feel that you are being unrecognized for the talent you have, it means you are depending on others expecting their approval. If you come forward and express yourself, it doesn’t mean that you are showing off, but you are being independent. Hence it is better not to listen to others, but listen to yourself. Always follow your heart, but listen to your brain too.

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It’s important that you should not expect things from others. But it is necessary to go forward and help them. Don’t expect anything in return including appreciation. Life is all about giving but not getting. Many may feel that they are being so good but they are still poor and unrecognized. It doesn’t always mean that being rich and successful makes a person happy. Happiness is all about being at peace and able to eat what you get and sleep well without caring about anything and anyone. So it’s better to stay happy by yourself instead of expecting others to make you happy. Yet see to that you make others happy.

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People who are rich and beautiful are not always happy. Infact they own all riches and money but they don‘t own a real smile. They just pretend being happy with all their luxurious things they own. But luxury is not happiness. Happiness is something eternal which makes you feel always positive no matter what. Even if you face a bad day, it all depends on how you consider it. If you are happy from inside, you will never call it a bad day. You will never call a person bad, if you don’t expect anything from them. You will never call your life boring, if you just stay happy. Expecting is not a happy person’s thing. It is all weak people’s words. Only a smile costs everything to make you happy. So spend it well.

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Not everyone are going to call you bad or not everyone are going to call you good. But see that everyone calls you a happy person. Create your own world, get satisfied by yourself. It is all about how ready you are to smile at your enemies. Remember a happy person never considers anyone as his friends ir enemies. A Happy person is a friend to himself.


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