Everyone in this world wants to be happy. Even the animals and birds want to be happy. People look for happiness in different ways. Everyone has his own way of making himself happy.

There are people who help others because that makes them happy. There are others who collect money, who dance, who eat and drink, who study and write books, who struggle to be powerful, who try to control others, or who want to have a beautiful car or a big house because they want to be happy. There even are people who think they can become happy by making other people unhappy!

There is a ‘Happiness institute in Australia’. Their studies show that the secret of happiness is to decide to be happy. We can choose to be happy or sad whether we are rich or poor.

Everyone has the right to be happy. If you remember this, it will help you to do the right thing always. While you try to make yourself happy you will not disturb anyone else’s happiness. You will not block others from being happy.

Some people talk badly about others, trying to make themselves happy. Do not be disturbed when people make bad comments about you. For example, you may have a new pair of shoes that you think are really beautiful. A friend says the shoes do no suit you or are of poor quality. You do not like to hear such comments. But you should realize three things:

  • The first is that your friend need not like exactly the same things that you like. Every person has his own likes and dislikes. Your friend may be saying that to you because he has a different taste in shoes.
  • Secondly, perhaps your friend is envious. Perhaps he is unhappy because he cannot have shoes like the ones you have. He wants to lessen his unhappiness by making you feel that your shoes are not special.
  • Thirdly, some think they will be happy by making others more unhappy than they are. Your friend sees you happy with those shoes. He wants to make you unhappy, thinking that will make him happy.

You need not take negative comments of people too seriously. Try to understand the real reason for what they say. If you really need to change something in your behavior, do so. If the reason for the comments is bad, just ignore them and continue to be happy.

There are people who are handicapped, poor, lonely, sick etc. They also have the right to be happy. One must not make fun of them or be rude to them. That would make them even more unhappy. No human being is worthless. There is no one who does not have feelings.

We can be happy by making use of every good opportunity that comes our way. We can enjoy good food, good clothes and the company of friends. We can also enjoy ourselves by visiting new places, learning new things, caring for plants and animals, and by looking at beautiful things.

God has given to each of us all that we need to make ourselves happy. We need to use all his gifts well. We make efforts to discover and develop the talents he has given us. We do this by learning all that we are taught, and by participating in all the activities organized at school, at home and in our community.

We do not become happy by making others unhappy. On the contrary making others happy is one of the best ways of making ourselves happy. Truly great people, like Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa, made great sacrifices to bring happiness to others. They were not only great, they were happy every day in their life.

Even if we are poor, sick or weak, we will be happy if at the end of the day we can honestly say that we have done nothing wrong that day and we did all the good we could.

Different people do different things to make themselves happy. What makes me happy may not make others happy.



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