Hello friends!!! Living our life according to our wishes is not that much easy. But have you ever lived your life in your own way?


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Have you ever lived your life in your own way?

These lines caught my eyes when I was checking my Whatsapp status a week ago. No one ever thinks why they have born on this earth. Have you ever pondered over the purpose of your life??? I am damn sure that 50% of the replies would be NO!!!! I am neither predicting nor it is a prejudice. Our hectic life in this modern world will not allow us to think over things like this.

We either live for our loved ones’ happiness and satisfaction or live according to the norms created by the society.

We all live a strategic and well-planned life in which everyone’s common and ultimate goal is to achieve a well-settled life. There are also some qualifications to achieve this goal like distinction in academics and a well paid job. So, almost from our childhood we live a life which is not designed by us. Our life is already sketched by this society and we live according to it in a very perfect manner.

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Have you ever lived your life in your own way?

Have anyone of us thought why should we go to school?

Why should we hunt for job?

Why should we earn money?

Isn’t it boring to live a life which is lived by everyone?

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Have you ever lived your life in your own way?

If we start to ponder over all these questions, the systematic and strategic life that we live now will become meaningless and useless. Our life will become a big joke if we compare it with the life of other living beings on earth (like birds, animals, plants etc.,).

Have you seen any animal learning lessons and gaining knowledge?

Have you seen any bird getting frustrated for being jobless?

Have you seen any insect (like butterfly) getting worried that it could not speak fluently in English?

These comparisons help us to realize that we don’t live our life in our own desired way.

Just imagine that you are a spectator watching your life like a movie. You will feel bored because there would be nothing interesting other than waking up, getting ready for school, college or for job, returning home, eating your dinner and having a tight sleep. Three- fourth of our routine life has become like this only.

Now, don’t start thinking that it is a grave mistake that we all live such kind of a life. Human beings are the only living organism who has the sixth sense and with that sixth sense any kind of hectic life can be changed into a peaceful and beautiful one.

We can’t change the way we live altogether suddenly. By doing little things which makes us happy, however weird it may be, we can fill our life with our own desirable colors.

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Have you ever lived your life in your own way?

Start living with the nature. It will show you what you want and what you like. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Watch the different patterns of clouds and the radiant colors in the sky. Imagine yourself flying with the birds freely without any burden to carry. Immerse yourself into the sea of nature and you will start feeling yourself new every day.

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Have you ever lived your life in your own way?

Life is for living. So live it fully for your satisfaction, without harming anyone. Stop worrying about your past and future. We can neither change our past nor know what will happen in our future life.

Present is real and our present life is in our hands. Shape it into a fantastic one and be satisfied. Life can be lived only once. Live your life in your own way but also take care that you don’t disturb others.

You can post your comments and criticisms..

Thanks for reading!!

Keep smiling!

Keep rocking!

My best wishes!!!!


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