He’s a stud and she’s a slut !

From a very long time a Women is shamed for having sex and a men is rewarded for it . Female virginity is very valuable in our society , but a man’s isn’t really worth anything ; in fact , it’s better for his social status if he is not a virgin .

As a men he don’t have to worry about being judged or shamed for losing his virginity but for as a girl her virginity is a sign of her purity and if she has loosen her virginity it would directly mean as she is desperate” or maybe of “lose character” .

Today even at the time of marriage – Men’s who aren’t virgin doesn’t have to face all culture consequences  of our society at the time of his wedding but as same for a girl not being pure she bring shame and dishonor to her family .

Now virginity has become one of the most important things about me to decide whether I will be a good wife or not .

Virginity is important ! Being a virgin is something to be proud of . Saving one’s body for their lifelong partner and sharing the most intimate human interaction with one person is healthy for the mind and body .

But this notion should not be used to control a women’s sexuality and determine her worth . We all have to be more critical about virginity of a girl because after that even this cultural obligation will start to seem trivial and unappealing to us .

This question is for all out there is my virginity a big deal ? Because For me it is just like a other experience of my life . It isn’t my report card that assess my character and love for anyone so think before you question it .


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