When devilish shaped thought trap your mind

In a perplexing maze, with no way out to find

When, in a plot of flowers, lively and adorn

The only thing you notice is a spiky thorn

When you feel so dark

Negativites you hark

When there is too much stress that you are coping

Well, that’s the time when you should start hoping

Hope is the pragmatic power

An enlightening breeze flowing for hours

In a gloomy forest of sorrow and sigh

Hope rises us up like a firefly

We have trouble but there is always a solution

Hope is a savior to clear up confusions

Hope is an invisible wing

That bring

A positive swing

Things can go dull

But hope gives a lull

To try

And get a cue

To try again

And pursue

The colours of peace out of the blue

Too stable and anew.

~Mugdha Pande .

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