I see you there

I watch you being hot

It’s got me lit

There’s sexual tension

My vibes be savage

Mood be classic

It’s about the heat

You got

I wanna embrace it

Let go of myself

Swim inside you

Feel alive for once

Get that clarity

It’s wicked I know

But that’s just who I am

I may not remember you tomorrow

But make my night worth it

I’m inhuman,
A monster in the flesh,
My cravings are surreal
This ain’t no do or die
It’s just wine and dine
Stay alive and fine

<!– –>

Chill with me babe

I love your lustre

You’re a true shine

I want you to be mine

I look into your eye

I see the lust

Love your skin texture

Got me groovy

Got me thinking wild

Fetishes on the rocks

Smooth be the game

It’s just too bright

Your charm and your arm

I’m a wild girl

I’m passionate right now

Submit to me

We can visit the moon and be back

Leave our hearts out of it

Let’s be influenced

Keep it cool

Original and neat

Nobody needs to know

There’s no overdose,
It’s all natural
Let’s die tonight

And be reborn tomorrow

I just want you babe

I just want you

Down in my heart

I’ve dissolved all my feelings

There’s craze max

And amaze swag

Shake it for me

I like to see you dance

I like your mindset

I could travel miles to get a taste

Of you forsure

It’s just awesome

I don’t even think twice

We gotta ride girl

We gotta move it

There’s surreal energy

I got a little fear

But that’s just a motivator

I don’t wanna take two

I just wanna breakthrough

Let me show you off

Get magnified down there

And enter you with no complacency

Just make our own world

I’m just looking for a chance

To get inside of you

I’m all ready to go villain mode

Tell me things boy

That nobody knows

Be nasty for me

Like nobody knows

And I’ll reciprocate

Like with high intensity

This is unreal

I’m not here to lose my shit
This is a short term game
With a long term passion
So come over here
And enter my world boy


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