How cardio is helpful in building muscles

Cardio is avoided because people think it may slow down muscle gains. According to some studies, aerobic training like running, walking, and cycling does not only trains your leg muscle mass but it actually increases it. If aerobic exercise is done properly then it can lead to as much muscle growth as you’d expect with resistance exercise, resistance training is the best way to build muscle.

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Training your body is all about balance. Balance basically heats down the amount of cardio training you do compare to the amount of weight training you do. The major issue you will need to take into consideration is balancing your cardio with your weight training which is your primary training goal. Once your body is given more time to adapt to the low-intensity work then the exercise becomes detrimental to goals for muscle gain.

Types Of Cardio

1. Low-Intensity Cardio

Low-intensity cardio training, such as walking or slow cycling can be done practically every single day for longer periods of time. This type of training is very easy for your body to recover from, regardless of your body type and your goals. It will have a very little negative impact on muscle gain and can help you burn calories for fat loss.

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2. Moderate-Intensity Cardio

Moderate-intensity cardio training, such as jogging or swimming, will need to be done a little less. This type of training requires more energy both to perform and recover your body from. A person trying to lose fat can generally perform four to six moderate-intensity sessions per week at around 20 to 30 minutes each. A person trying to gain muscle should reduce this amount to two to three sessions per week.

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3. High-intensity training

High-intensity training is extremely effective for fat loss as it not only causes you to burn a lot of calories during the activity, it also raises your metabolism for a long time after the activity is done. This type of hard training should be done less frequently than the more moderate forms of cardio as it is much harder for your body to recover from.

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Cardio is also helpful and can gain or build muscles. Therefore if you want to build muscles then you must follow the above steps as given. Every cardio exercise should be done in 10 minutes of an interval for better results.