How dare you! You can’t stop  ! 

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How can you sit back and relax when your companions are running.  How can you see them running?  And running?  They know that they have to win  but what about you ? Do you even have the inspiration to run or even take part in the race ? Wait 

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Who is stopping You? Why you are not ready to accept the challenge may be it is the life changing challenge . Listen life will not wait for you . Its you who have to wait for the correct opportunity dear . And you are not a magician neither you have a future predicting gadget the only option left with you is to run . Come on you can’t waste a single second in life . You may miss the most important opportunity . 

Every second is important just like your breath.  Now think you are wasting your time no you are actually wasting your life….  right now if you are not doing what you are supposed to do you are going to loose…. 

And those legends who think they can’t do it  before even attempting are the real loosers.  Get up make your vision clear and set your soul on fire . You are unique but you have the same potential  likes others you just have to be consistent at your work…. it can be studies,  games , jobs anything.. 

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It’s your mind ! If your mind is distracting it’s because you want to get distracted.  If you really have the Fire to conquer eveyone.  Nothing can stop you …. even if it’s not your favourite work to do it’s the opportunity you have to grab… or else watch others wining… If you don’t BELIEVE in yourself no one else will gonna believe you . 

Challenge yourself 

Get up 

Set your vision on the goal like Arjun!  

And believe in the power of consistency…. all the best . 


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