How did Uber start and grow

Today Uber is a worldwide transportation company whose net worth is more than 7$ Billion. Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp were waiting in the snow on a Paris evening in 2008. They didn’t get a taxi even after waiting for many hours. Both the entrepreneur came up with the idea of an app through which anyone can book a taxi from anywhere. They just need a smartphone and an internet connection. They made that app today known as Uber. Uber was founded in 2009, by September they were getting positive press coverage and in October they raised $1.25 million dollars in funding. Until may 2011 the Uber was only available in San Francisco and after that, they expanded to New York City. Within 4 months they extended to four more American cities and began its international expansion. Uber is now providing his services in 500 cities and 70 countries and still counting. Uber simultaneously solve two problems, first unfair charges by a taxi driver and second not being able to get a cab easily.

Wisdom –

Sometimes the billion dollar ideas are just simplest. Just find out around you what are the problems people are facing in their daily life. The more common your problem the more target audience you get. Go for your dreams and chase your ambition. Develop an unwavering confidence by knowing and realizing that nothing can prevent you from achieving whatever you desire if you are determined. You can have respect, mansions, supercars, fame, success and what not!

Watch here how uber works step by step 

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