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Two words, IT SUCKS!

Being Homosexual  is not the problem  in INDIA , being not accepted by the society  ( LOG KYA SOCHEGE )  is the main problem. In a Country where almost everyone is a Hypocrite, it is really very hard to open up.

Friends :-  The day you come it the day you will find out who your real friends are. You might lose 15/20ths of your friends, easily. Even those who initially said ” It alright . we’re still friends” only said that out  of sympathy and don’t really mean it. Slowly , they too will walk away .

Family :-  WILL reject you  outright, In 99% of cases they will discard you . if you are lucky , very very lucky they might understand and if you are luckier still, they will accept that. But chances of that happening are very very slim indeed. Specially in India where most of the families are Narrow minded. They only this of society and about their image . “log kya kahe ge kabhi socha hain , saamaj me thu thu ho jaye gi ..!” 

Colleagues :- Its always a bad idea to open up at the workplace, That will always end up as a negative point about you. Even if people do not openly discriminate you will see its effects manifest in other subtle ways.

Government :- The NDA regime has openly said on more than one occasion that they will not support something as ‘Unnatural’ as gay sex. Rajnath singh himself and half the RSS have said this multiple times. Other BJP members life Jaitley have expressed half support but said this issue will have to wait till more serious issues are sorted. Since when did civil rights become secondary to any issue? 

Police :- They will harass you. Gay/Lesbian  people have been chased out of Pubs, Clubs , beaten , mocked, threatened and had money taken from them. If you are raped ,god forbid no police man will help you. Whether 377 exists or not, you will be ignored and worse, laughed out of the police station. And voilation of law is punishable by a dine and 10 years on imprisonment .This happens .Whether Gay/ Lesbian sex is legalised or not, you will be harassed. Be prepare for it. 

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Hospitals :- LGBT ( lesbian , gay , biesexual , transgender ) community are banned from donating blood. People thing that this is an disease which can be spread to them if the get the blood of the blood from an LGBT. They thinks that AIDS is spreading through gay sex. And this is the problem people thinks that this is an disease which can be cured . But they don’t know that this is not an disease . It all about feeling and i don’t think soo that worlds has developed any such technology that can change or in other people language can cure feelings.

Society :-  Will discriminate. The society looks down at the community with Homophobic slurs commonly used.

Regardless to your socioeconomic background or level of education, being *Openly* gay / lesbian in India is to invite a whole bunch of downers. And because of all these unbearable situation many of the people choose to end up theirs life. 

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While the Homosexual rights movement in india is definitely gaining strong momentum. it will take a long time before social attribute allow openly gay men to coexist peacefully. 

This is why most Indian men/women have yet to fully come out of the closet. With social progress, people have started coming out to their circle of friends and to their families, but very very few gets accepted.

The good thing is there are some organisations that do help gay people like Saathi , Naz or Orinam. They are registered as organisations in the fights against HIV and they do a fantastic job. If any one reading this is a homosexual then not to worry my friend you can reach out to them . They will surely help you out.

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