How Instagram Started 

 Instagram is the largest social media for photos. It was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion. Instagram was developed in San Francisco by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Kevin Created an app called Burbn which helps people to find out where you are in the world. Kevin met many people, entrepreneurs, and investors and he raised 5,00,000$ from a venture capitalist. He quit his job and started working day and night in developing Burbn. He decided to build a team to work on Burbn and at that time Mike Krieger agreed to join him.

The main feature of the app was uploading photos, editing, comments, and many more. Kevin and his wife were walking on the beach and when he casually discussed with his wife about the app. He found that people like to upload high-quality photos. Facebook also at that time allowed users to upload photos but the quality of photos decreased. Then Kevin decided that he would allow users to upload photos without decreasing the quality of photos, after that he removes all the features from the app except uploading, commenting, like and share. He then changed the name to Instagram and launched it officially on 6th October 2010. After its launch, it became the best photography app in one week. It has 1,00,000 lakh users within its first week and 1 million active users in just next two months. It now has 600 million users daily.

Wisdom –

Kavin says that his success was not overnight, instead he worked day and night to sort out and think on ideas. Kavin has a belief that his future can be better than the present and he has the power to make it so. 

Work Hard 

Stay blessed 

Stay motivated! 

Watch here Instagram success story 


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