How to be BEAUTIFUL?!

Some may think that the world gets attracted only towards beauty. But this statement is true at times. But it is to be noted that beauty alone is not essential to attract people. Imagine if you are being beautiful, people will just admire your looks. It may provide you a short span of happiness. Yet if you are doing something that makes people admire you, you are the most beautiful. That gives you an eternal happiness. Always a person can’t rely on looks alone. Only the heart and the skills makes a person’s fame durable. Take Mother Teresa as an example. Is she admires by her looks? No the world remembers her because of the duty she did. Her duty is praised but not her beauty, which makes her beautiful.

Is appearance and personality very important in impressing people?

The answer is partly yes and partly no. Few people are there who are really attracted only to money and looks. Not everyone. Yet impressing is not the aim of one’s life. But gaining the trust and gratitude is the important work one can ever do. Let’s go back to our school life. Some may get many friends because they are way too beautiful and rich too. Some might not have friends at all because they may come from a middle class family. 

These having “many” friends category is not a true one because it’s not going to last longer. But till they get benefited. But the having “few” friends category is the real one because they can understand us better. Money and beauty don’t last longer. They are just temporary assets. So people who get impressed by your temporary assets are definitely going to stay temporary I’m your life. So better don’t rely on these temporary things. Start gaining trust of people rather than impressing.

The value of money.

It is very true that money is the survival asset of every human being. But it is being treated as the measure of human’s respect. This is something too mean. If a person is rich, there are floods of people around him to praise him. But if a person is poor, there is no one with him to support during his tough times. The person who is rich would be the meanest person ever but money stays with him. In other words , a person can be rich only if he is mean and neglects to help others. On the other hand, a person who is poor will have the courtesy to help others but he won’t have money. This is the vice versa process. It is to be kept in thought that money is never going to buy gratitude and trust. It can buy you immense expensive things. Yet the only way to gain people for your patronage is by spending kindness not money.

How skills and talents play a role?

Of course your talents and knowledge is the investment for your everything. The education that is learned other than on black board is seriously going to help a person to empower themselves. Conquer the world with your talents. Explore more and discover new things. Make life challenging rather than facing challenges with a fear. Only your knowledge and wit is going to stand when you are in your tough times. Make sure that you don’t hesitate to face any kind of problems. The more number of problems you face, the more confident you become. In other words, the most broken person is the most strongest one.

How to improve ones confidence level?

Some may not be very bold enough to face the public. Some have stage fear. And few stumble to write too. Some never even attempt to do anything because of fear. Only if you practice regularly you can improve I’m a particular skill. But hesitations are never going to help you. You may fail in the beginning and get mocked by others. Instead feel proud that you at least had the enough guts to try it, whereas the others who mocked at you were cowards of not trying at all. Consider yourself as an inspiration and do whatever you like to do. Take the example of communication skills. One may not be very good in speaking English. So they might feel inferior and insecure that they don’t possess enough knowledge. But remember English is not a measure of knowledge its just a language. Language skills can only be improved by speaking with confidence. Whether you talk it right or wrong you can develop your communication only by practicing it continuously.

Being you:

Being you is the new kind of beautiful. Do whatever you like. The world is always ready to criticize you and gossip behind you. Never become the victim of betrayal. Always involve yourself in the things you like. And never give up because of negative feedbacks. The negative comments are just to distract you but not to stop you. You are pretty or ugly, you are Rich or poor, you are successor or a looser, you are you… yes just you. And that’s how you become beautiful.


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