How to choose a specific area in CA articleship

When a student clear the CA IPCC group 1st then he is eligible to start his articleship. When you are going to start the articleship there is a dilemma i.e. which field is to be choose a specific field or going in all field of work. That depends on you that you want to go in job the n you may prefer specific field otherwise you can go for the all field of work. 

When you choose a specific field than again you are in dilemma i.e. which area to be selected. There are mainly a three are i.e. Audit, Taxation & Transfer pricing. It is very difficult to choose the specific area among them. Some times the area is decided by the firm itself. 

Even selection of a specific area is difficult but i will try to provide you some factors that will consider while selecting the specific area & the factors are described below:

1) Career opportunities: This factor is the most important factor while selecting the specific area for articleship. you should be think about future. Is there any career opportunities & am i able to get a good job after taking this field ? You have to ask this question with yourself & analyze the data so that you will find an opportunities in that.

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2) Interest field: It is also matters while choosing the area of articleship. In which field you have the interest. While studying the IPCC you study both of subject so you can decide your interest field easily. If you decide the interest field once & than you can change the field if you want & your principal want.

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3) Knowledge: An important factor is that which are is increasing your knowledge much enough than others. Many work is there who is repeatedly the same that will bored you so try to choose that area which will increase your knowledge & don’t make you bored.

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4) Coverage of all field: Even you are selecting the specific area but a CA is expected to have the knowledge of all field not all but few knowledge in every field so that you can also answer the other fields related queries. so try to choose that area which will cover all the area of articleship.

5) Exposure of industry: You must get the exposure of the industry of different kind so that if you will go for a job you will find it easily & can cover all compliance with related to that company. This exposure is mandatory even the person who are going for job or practice.    


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