how to choose the best firm for CA articleship

CA student when they clear their one group of IPCC they face the problem of selection of articleship firm. Before selecting the CA firm one should be clear about their career selection. This three year articleship going to decide your future. And it’s totally depend on the selection of your Firm.

Before choosing a firm for articleship below mentioned point to be evaluated:

1.Decide your category: Very first thing for choosing your articleship is decide in which field you want to go i.e. Job or Practice. You must choose the path from them so that you can decide the firm.

2.Select the level of firm: Then you Ned to select the level of the firm. If you are going for a job then you can choose from a big firm where your area is specific. If you want to learn the whole work & gone to practice than you must choose from medium or small firm.  

3. Set your priorities: Then you should need to decide the priority of area. If you want to go on a job then you need to select a specific field and otherwise you may select all field according to tour interest.

4. Search the firm: You can search the firm on internet & find the review as appropriate.  you can also consult with the other person who have already started their articleship & can approach their reviews.

5. Environment of office: When you go on interview analyze the environment of the firm. Is a office environment is there or not. Corporate culture is followed or not.


5.Quality of work : When you go on a interview asked him to area of work that he has. The area is matching with your requirement or not. If yes then you have a option to join the firm. 

6. Timing of work:  Timing of work is an important factor to choose a firm if  You choose big 4 than your articleship is going very rigorous. If the timing of the firm is more than you are not able to take the classes of CA final or IPCC as applicable.

7. Leave:  Another important factor is  Leave. Everyone need leave. whether it is for exam or for some personal work. So at the time of  the interview you should already discuss about leave with your principal specially for the papers. 

8. Division of work: This factor is much important than any other factor because  every person is responsible for his department like Tax, audit or law. The person providing work must be of helping nature. 

9. Stipend of the firm: Stipend is not the parameter to decide the firm. It should not affect with the stipend of the firm. There is nothing like that the big firm provide good stipend so don’t get affected by this. 

10. Location of the firm: It is also considering when choosing a firm. If the location of the firm is much far than your location than your time is get wasted in travelling so choose a nearby firm.         




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