How To Crack Competitive Exams?

How to crack  competitive exams

Is a question that you think before you start preparing for exams. Before asking this question, you should also ask yourself -What are the reasons you are going for that? The reasoning is a very important factor before starting anything. First of all, we need not start anything under the pressure of society or family. What else is doing, whether they are preparing to crack UPSC, SSC, JEE, CLAT, NEET or any other competitive exams, should not influence our objectives to achieve what we are determined to.   

So, now how to start your preparation I would like to tell you some fundamentals or steps of learning that can help you in preparing for your exams.

First step Planning and Organising

Planning is the most important thing that you should do before starting anything. Planning in a planned way is important.


First, analyze what is your schedule daily, what is necessary and what is not necessary for your schedule.

• Try not to waste your time in those unnecessary doings of your schedule and spare a little time for your studies. Find out what to study and what not.

• Prepare a well-thought timetable and follow that strictly.

• Make realistic and achievable goals that you can achieve.

• Be organised and make everything in an organised manner

• Concentrate on all subjects equally and if you are not good in any one or two of the subjects try to spare more time on those.

• Don’t forget to mention revision hours in your timetable.

Next step: Staffing

This sounds quite a business term but it can help you definitely.

A question comes how? Here staffing means arranging all the resources that you need before commencing as this will not lose your concentration again and again. It is important as without resources you cant do anything. Your staffing can be your coaching, books and other items. Choose your resources after meticulous research as this will be the base of the preparation of your exams and will help you in cracking the same.

Next comes: Directing


Directing refers to instructing, guiding and inspiring yourself for the preparation that you are doing for your exams.

Doing an analysis of your work is very important if you are going to prepare for your exams, but don’t test yourself. Otherwise, you will not able to find the mistakes that you are making. It is true that ‘ Practice makes the man Perfect ‘ but ‘ Mistakes makes the man Ready ‘ ready for the final showdown that is your exams. Also, try to check that, how much you are following your timetable and what you can change else improvise it. This can be done only by analysing your work.

Next: Controlling

The whole preparation cannot be done until and unless you keep yourself the social media that is the biggest distraction in our generation. If you pass this obstacle half of your work is done.

“To achieve something you have to lose something”


Thank you and all the best for your exams.


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