How to deal with ‘Anxiety’?

Sometimes you try to fall asleep before you fall apart, you find yourself in an unlocked cage, you feel uneasy and worried about things you don’t even know, you wonder about who really cares for you or who is just using you, who is there for you and who is desperately waiting for you to fail, when you feel like you’re not good enough, when you start questioning your worth, your pride, yourself and everything.

This is how ANXIETY feels like. This is what it does to you. Yes, we all have heard of this word but we never really care to take a moment and figure out what it has really done.

I was going through some details related to anxiety and I suddenly realized that I’ve stopped living my life. I am literally just trying to get to the next day, for it to come and pass just like all other days. And the trouble is, I’m not sure what exactly I’m waiting for.

Here you need to understand and realize, what you really are going through and how to put it away and for a change, what if I say that being anxious is not a problem? What if I tell you that it’s an opportunity?

Anxiety is instinctive and automatic. It was never meant to get in our way, but rather it’s a call to be prepared for any danger. Anxious mind is very strong and powerful. What we have to do is harness the strength and power of that fiercely protective mind and use it for us instead of against us. Here is how you can do that:

1. Be patient:

Don’t be in a hurry to change your thoughts and feelings. Just know that whatever you are feeling is temporary, it will pass. Maintain a journal or just write it down in your notepad about how you feel or what’s bothering you.

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2. Don’t procrastinate:

Procrastination and anxiety go hand in hand as a lot of anxiety comes from worrying about future events. If you have some work that has to be done and you are delaying it for no reason, then stop. Do it.

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3. Do anything:

Anxiety can be downright paralyzing, which in turn can cause even more anxiety. Combat this by doing something, anything. Keep your mind engaged in some stuff that you find interesting or just read a book to keep yourself busy.

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4. Get off social media:

Yes, you might think that it is one thing that helps you pass your time but have you ever really felt good or relaxed after surfing through it? I haven’t. It increases your anxiety and sometimes develops a feeling of inferiority.

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5. Give yourself a break and cheer up!

For once, stop thinking of things bothering you. Go out for some movie or just hang-out with your friends (yell on your best friend, maybe XD), go for dinner at your favourite restaurant or anything you like.

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Even after this if you are not satisfied, sit down and try to figure out what exactly is the problem. Think about how can you solve it, google if you want. Just make sure you come to a conclusion or maybe a plan that you think will help solve it.

Living with anxiety is like being followed by a voice which knows all your secrets and insecurities and uses them against you. You are more than the mistakes you’ve made. You are the wisdom, strength, love and compassion gained from all you’ve been through. 

 So, Just trust the process and rest all will fall into place.


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  1. Anukalp Tyagi

    Nice one vanshika.. keep going.. and that’s all true..Nowadays we all are just busy in passing days.. Forgotten how to enjoy them ? This will help surely.. ?

  2. Anonymous

    Osm…. expect hee nahi kiya thaa ki ask me anything wale itna acha bhi likh sakte hai….. btw this was really great and awesome like me???

  3. Anonymous

    Osm…. expect hee nahi kiya thaa ki ask me anything wale itna acha bhi likh sakte hai….. btw this was really great And awesome like me???