How to decor your home

Some people are born with a great eye for decorating or design. Others learn the skill and are able to apply it successfully. And then there are the rest of us. If you don’t have much of a knack for design, a few basic techniques can go a long way.

These decorating rules and principles are simple enough that most anyone can apply them. Your home might look presentable.

Decorating your home can be an overwhelming business as the options are literally endless. But that’s what also makes it so much fun. Whether you’re looking for instant DIY home ideas to do right now or decorating tips to put your stamp on a living room or bedroom, here are some super simple decorating tips to help you create a home you’ll love.

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Think Outside the Box

Think outside the box (or four walls) when it comes to paint colours for your bedroom. A rich forest green would normally be seen in a living room or dining room, but it adds a grownup glamour to a bedroom.

Hit Repeat

Repeating colours throughout a room (or even your entire home) creates a stronger design, especially if you have an eclectic mix of furnishings.

Create a Custom Headboard

Not a fan of standard headboards? A painting or photo collage makes a quirky alternative for modern design lovers.

Make a Picture Wall

Create a wall of postcards for a very personal and unique feature. We recommend using painter’s tape as an adhesive – it’s sturdy, but won’t damage your paint.

Display Bookcase Art

Have books worthy of showing off? Get them to double up as artworks with a customised bookcase.

Deck Your Walls

Wall cladding is a great way of adding interest to a room. Run the boards horizontally as opposed to vertically, to give a more modern feel.

Make Furniture Work Harder

When space is at a minimum, make your furniture work extra hard. By adding a glamorous mirror to this desk, it doubles as both a workspace and vanity table.

Show Off Top Treasures

Whether it’s dolls, crafts or trophies, proudly display your child’s most treasured possessions with hooks or shelving around the room’s perimeter.

Add Colour in the Kitchen

Bring a gallery kitchen to life with a bold paint choice on the end wall. Here Farrow and Ball’s Charlotte’s Locks makes an impact, with lighting adding further acccents of orange.

Do Double Duty

Cushions, lighting and glassware shouldn’t be limited to a life indoors. Make your furnishings do double duty by bringing it outside.

Pack Personality

Decorate garden walls with mirrors and trellises to add personality to your outside space.

Feature the Family

A hallway is the perfect spot for a collection of family photos. Here, black and white prints keep the monochrome uniformity and allow the statement chandelier to make an impact.

Make a DIY Bedside Table

Stack books and secure them with a belt for a clever storage solution that doubles up as a chic bedside table. Keep it sturdy with heavy coffee table tomes at the bottom.

Turn Windows Into Wall Space

Wooden stretcher frames bound with thick wool turn your windows into valuable wall space.

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How to decorate:

  • Find new things at thrift stores and flea markets.
  • Use books as my top go-to decorating accessory.
  • Think of creative ideas for what to hang on walls.
  • Try to make every day items more beautiful.
  • Lean & layer artwork and mirrors.
  • Frame meaningful artwork.
  • Update rooms on a budget with paint.
  • Make my own simple DIY wallpaper out of heavy paper or gift wrap!
  • Create mini-destinations.
  • Make my everyday things more beautiful to blend in with my decor.
  • Use what u love and don’t worry about trends!
  • Rethink how we organize our home.
  • Display things that make me happy.
  • Re-arrange furniture to make our home work better for us.
  • I try new things to get out of decorating slumps and feel inspired.
  • Make design decisions based on what works for your family.
  • Make your curtains extra full to make windows feel larger.


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