How to exercise in busy schedule

As we get busier and busier in our daily life, we forget about benefits of exercise. It is unfortunately one of the first things that we compromise on.

Through this article I will show you that it should be the last thing to compromise on and how you can manage to exercise every day even when you are super busy in your routine. This article is not about why you should exercise or the variety of health and cognitive benefits.

This stuff really works I recently did a 30 day fitness challenge and it is quite easy to do it.

1. Balance routine versus flexibility

We are creatures of habits, and routines are incredibly powerful as they take out the thought and automate our behaviors as much.

Remember these few things:

  1. Start with a flexible routine that you love.
  2. Flexibility is also greatly important in daily life.
  3. One may get up around 8 a.m. and may keep going till evening 6’O clock, leaving one all exhausted, however there are days where we start later and get out earlier or days where we start earlier and get out later. Make use of the time left with you, maybe 10 mins or 20 mins.
  4. If you are too focused on maintaining a routine you would never work out since most of the people often have unpredictable schedules and wouldn’t be able to work out the same time every day.
  5. Learning to be flexible is of utmost importance. But don’t skip exercise, become a bit flexible with your schedule.

If you start a day late or get out early then capitalize on the opportunity and go to the gym, or better do it at home, it will save your time and money both. You need to learn to implement this in your schedule, so your time management will also be likely to change throughout your college or job. When your schedule is more predictable you get ample of opportunity to plan stuff out and you learn to automate your exercise. But when your schedule is unpredictable as it often is with most of the people then lean more heavily on flexibility and remind yourself to seize the moment anytime you have the opportunity to exercise.

2. Kill two birds with one stone

If there are alternatives that incorporate activity then you should opt for those for example, you have to go to school or to work daily. Then why not opt for an active means of transportation? One of the most preferred personal favorite exercise of mine is, “cycling”.

By riding on your bike you can get the much needed cardio to keep your cardiac muscles active and healthy and most of the times you can even save time on your commute, because especially bicycles have the ability to escape traffic rush and will make you reach your destination much faster. Learn to give preference to it!

Or you can opt for walk, skateboarding, long-boarding, etc. 

Instead of waiting for the elevator why not go through stairs? This is another excellent way to get brief bursts of activity without compromising your time in gym.

On weekends, if you love watching game of thrones and other series then take your yoga mat out and exercise! This means doing exercises such as planks, side planks, leg raises and other lying down exercises while watching your favorite series, so you get to shoot two birds with one stone!

3. Use your study breaks

If your are a student, then these breaks can be used for brief moments of exercise it doesn’t have to be a one-hour gym session you can do planks pull-ups or even yoga in just a few minutes during your break sessions, even a normal warm-up and stretching will do!

4. Use the scientific process

To harness behavior change in exercising regularly, half of it is creating the time in your schedule and the other half is properly dedicated to yourself so that you actually want to do it. Make a desired behavior such as exercising regularly which should be easy to implement and maintain.

5. Prioritize your exercise sessions

Prioritizing your sessions for exercise before unproductive tasks. We all are busy doing a variety of tasks throughout the day but we have to constantly ask ourselves how important each task is and whether or not is it getting us closer to our goals? We often waste a lot of time scrolling through social media apps watching TV or playing video games.

Unless these activities align with our aspiration and goals these activities are most likely not making a meaningful contribution to our lives so in order for us to exercise regularly we should prioritize our exercise sessions over these unproductive tasks.

The sole reason to prioritize exercise before your leisure activities is because it will not only bring you health benefits but will also help you with mental well-being along with improving your focus on daily tasks, and as such an increased focus always leads to increased productivity which will ultimately mean that you will reach your goals faster. Bingo!

6. Find something that you enjoy

One of the most reliable ways to ensure you exercise regularly is truly enjoying your exercise, this will vary from person to person whether you love running, weight training, hit training, cycling, Pilates or even yoga and while there are advantages to each type of physical activity, any type of physical activity is better than no physical activity! So it’s important that we are realistic with ourselves relying on discipline is often necessary when it comes to exercise but you can make regular exercise much easier by choosing a form of exercise that makes you happy and fit your lifestyle and personality.


If you don’t have a favorite physical activity yet, don’t be afraid to experiment with different activities. It also bears noting that you may enjoy a certain activity more by exercising with friends or a group of people or you might prefer working out by yourself let us know what you guys prefer down in the comments below


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