How to gain weight quickly! (Food & supplements)

It is trend going nowadays that everyone wants to look healthy and fit. The days to be skinny are now just gone!

•Getting buffed up or gaining weight isn’t a very easy task you should be completely focused upon what you eat and how you eat.

•Consuming these foods can help you to gain weight faster!


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It is a basically dairy product which is silky and tastier completely loaded with saturated fats in it. It is a great source of vitamin A, vitamin K2, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

•It contains around 100 calories per tablespoon. So you should have 2 tablespoon of butter daily to increase your weight.


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It is completely packet of nutrition. As it is rich in protein, fats, vitamins A and D, Calcium and phosphorus.

•One boiled eggs gives you almost 70-80 calories which is sufficient in beginning to gain weight. One egg per day can helps you to gain weight easily!


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It is a good source of decent amount of protein, fats and various minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, copper, iron and vitamin A and K.


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They provide us with rich source of fiber and contains variety of minerals as well. Which are responsible in building muscles and for overall health thus it increases weight.

•You can use dry fruits as a snack everyday but remember drink lot of water to prevent dehydration!


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It is the one of richest source of carbohydrates with some amount of complex sugars in it. These are highly recommended for skinny and underweight people as they increases your weight quickly!

•You should try grilled sandwiches and potato chips for best results but in sufficient amount only not in excessive amount.


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