How to get Mood to Study?

When it comes to studying, lots of students will feel bored and gets distracted very easily . Of course studying is always an irritating thing but they should do that because it is very important in everyone’s life. Failing to study will have severe impact on your marks and grades. Don’t worry. Here are some tips on how to get yourself in the mood to study.

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Still no mood to study!

1.  Find out what is Preventing you from studying:

There will lots of distractions whenever you get into a work, especially in the case of Studying. It will be very difficult to focus. In order to avoid this and study more effective on should try to figure out all those things which prevents him/her from studying. Make a list of it and try to find out ways to overcome those distractions. Whenever you want to study, first find a place which will have no disturbances. Keep your cellphones, Television, friends and all those possible distractions away from you before starting to study.

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Lots of distractions

Some possible distractions and how to escape from them?

Here are some possible distractions which you get while studying and certain tips to get escaped from them. Following these will help you in getting yourself in the mood to study and score more marks. 

(i) Television and Movies:

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Television and movies distracting me!!

what is the problem with this?

Watching TV is always a very easy and interesting task when comparing to study. Television and studies will never get mixed at all. The problem with Television and movies is our interest on it.  It is a general psychology that a person will do only the thing which he is interested on. Sometimes we will have our exams on one side and our favorite match on the other side. In this case, we have to choose only one as we can’t choose both of them at a time. When we choose to watch our favorite sports, we have to Lose 10 marks in our exam. 

How to Escape from this problem?

Here is where you have to act brilliant. You have to choose the one which your mind says. When you sacrifice your enjoyment of watching Television you will definitely score a very good marks in your class. This will bring you lots of Credits. Only when you sacrifice some of your enjoyments you can succeed in your life. Of course there should be enjoyment in your life. The matter is the time on which you enjoy. Your enjoyment should not stop you from Achieving your Goals. 

(ii) Family Problems:

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family problems are distracting me!!

What is the problem with this? 

Family problems are common in 85% of the families in the world. Most of the parents used to fight with each other in front of their children.The Child may become mentally stressed by looking at all these. With such a state of mind, if he/she get into studies they will never get the concentration at all. Some Children who study really well may score poor marks because of the familiar Environment. 

How to escape from this problem?

This is the most important area where the parents have to contribute for the betterment of their children. They should stop discussing the family problems in front of the children because they will get mentally disturbed. Being a student, to get a mood to study, he/she has to ignore all those family problems. Problems are there in almost all of the families. You should never stop from achieving your target at any cause. Problems may come and go. But your knowledge and achievements will last forever.

(iii) Friends:

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say no to group study!

What is the problem with this?

Everyone has many friends. You will never believe the fact that friends are also a distraction. When you are in a group study with your friends, one may have the interest to study and the other may not. One may take really less time to understand a topic and the other will never understand at all.  Not all your friends have the same capacity and interest as that off yours. You will start talking about different things and even doubts that may take too much of your time. It may result in fight with each other saying “All my time wasted because of you”.

How to escape from this problem?

Say NO to group study. Because during exam time, every second is very important.  Plan your works. Set the right time to study , chat and everything and do it accordingly. But make sure that you don’t disturb others. 

(iv) Mobile Phones:

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no mobile while studying

What is the problem which this?

You will get distracted while studying when your phone is near you. You may get call often or some notification sounds which will spoil you mood to study.

How to escape from this problem?

Put your phone on silent if possible or turn off data & other things that distract you while studying.

2.  Start from shorter chapters:

If  you start with long and difficult chapter your mood will get worse after realizing that you wasted a lot of time without finishing anything in the end. The trick is that convince yourself that you have done a good progress in a short period of time. Do solved examples more because it will help in making momentum.

3.  Make yourself Comfortable:

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make yourself comfortable

Take 5-10 mins break in between. This will keep you refresh and motivated. Study in tidy room because it will effect your mood when you study for longer hours. 


Don’t force yourself to study everything in a short period of time. Use your time wisely because ones it’s gone, it will be gone forever. It happened with so many students that their exams are near and still they can’t study for their exams. Keep in mind that waiting for the right mood will lead you nowhere because study is not joyful activity. So, waiting for the right mood results in procrastination.


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