How to get over your breakup II

(This article is in continuation of How to get over your breakup)

You’ve spent days and months continuously around this person and in a moment she’s gone. Most of the feelings that you’re confusing with love are actually your mind trying to deal with the unexpected change.

You have associated satisfaction with the presence of this person, now in her absence you’re unsatisfied which gives birth to stress. Remember, alcohol is not the solution! On the contrary it’s only going to make things worse, avoid consuming alcohol at all costs.

Also you’re dealing with stress do not for a second thought think that smoking cigarettes is the solution. Do not get into this habit solely for the reason that you’ve been told or you think smoking is the perfect thing to do at this point. It’s going to your face, health, your energy, your lungs, your heart and is socially a highly unpleasant activity. If you don’t smoke, don’t start. You’re already fighting an addiction right now no need to add more.

You will wonder because you miss her so much it’s true luck again because she is an addiction right now your brain is demanding immediate and momentary satisfaction so what it does is it removes all the unpleasantness and focuses only on the beautiful memories.

It’s a typical addict behavior when a smoker quit smoking the brain gives all kinds of reasoning so you would for just one more time try it and it never ends which is why it’s important to follow the first six steps because moving on is a journey and not a switch you would have to keep yourself busy.

Start watching television shows that are based on reality and not stupid romantic comedies about people falling in love with each other. There are many great comedy shows such as Community Pass and Recreation, The office, Louis watch and animated shows South Park Family Guy, Rick and Morty, Bojack horseman, Futurama. The list is very long, watch; drama, crime, superhero shows, anything. And the first six months will pass comfortably and you’d have gained a lot of self-control while having suffered the least amount of suffering.

Be patient it’s going to be very hard whenever you start to lose control and panic, start watching an episode of South Park, cake and app, go visit to friends or go for a run.

One thing that you have to accept is regardless of how focused you are, how determined you are to moving on some moments will come that will destroy a mental state and make you want to do the stupidest things which you’re going to regret later.

However, the best part about these moments is they pass they don’t stay for too long these are just mood swings so when these moments come don’t be surprised take a pledge of changing your life and taking it to height setup beyond your comfort zone to completely move on.

You have to be glad that you’re not with that person anymore and in order to feel that your life has to be in a much better position than it was with her write five target statements.

Target statements

Five unbelievably awesome things that I’m going to achieve our own by the end of this year or in 12 months and they have to be five. For example, I’ll be running ten lakhs per annum. I’ll be in the best shape of my life. I will read 20 books. I will learn a new language. I will learn how to play an instrument. I will buy this particular car. I will go on a trip to Italy on my own.

Write five outrageously challenging statements put them on your wall and come into achieving them at any cost you are doing this all for yourself not for this person, not to rub it in her face.


This is a new chapter in your life with a much better modified experience wise determined version of you do it for your self-respect and self-love. This article is not only for people who had a breakup this is for everybody who’s faced a rejection in their past can’t get over an obsession or has love problems regardless of your gender so without a question share it with everyone.


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