How to Get Rid of Cold Very Fast?

Common cold is a mild Viral Infection of the Upper Respiratory Tract (Nose, Throat, Sinus and Upper Airways). It begins when a cold virus attacks the lining of the nose and throat by attaching itself to it. It is harmless but people want to get rid of it fast because it is very irritating!!

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get rid of cold very fast!!

When your head is pounding like a jackhammer, your nose is running like Niagara Falls and even your favorite foods start to taste like cardboard. You would do almost anything to get rid of your cold. Before you  resort to pounding yourself a Tall glass of bleach to get rid of cold and waiting for a week or 10 days here are some better non-crazy ways to get rid of Cold very fast.

Eat Raw Honey:

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Eat raw honey to get rid of Cold !!

This is something which really works is getting rid of Cold. Raw honey also helps in boosting the immune system and also helps the body in fighting the cold faster. There is no side effects. Children suffering from cold and those who take a spoon of honey every night before going to bed will sleep well than those who take cold medicines and even they get rid of Cold very fast than them.

Try Eucalyptus:

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try eucalyptus to get rid of cold very fast!!

When suffering from cold, nose will get blocked especially while sleeping or lying down and you might have noticed that it gets more difficult to breathe. That is because all the mucus get collected in the nose and throat which may sometimes cause breathlessness. Trying eucalyptus is a very great remedy to get rid of Cold. Apply few drops of eucalyptus oil in a cloth and place it in the back of pillow cover before going to bed. the gradual release of this oil from the cloth will help a good sleep. Repeat the same for 3 successive nights and get rid of cold very fast.

Use peppermint:

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use peppermint oil and get rid of cold very fast!!

Peppermint is a gentle and natural remedy which helps in getting rid of cold. It is usual that people get headache because of cold. Peppermint helps in curing both. By applying peppermint oil on the forehead before going to bed, one can get rid of headache very fast. One can also consume peppermint tea which is also a great remedy for getting rid of cold. Use it moderately, a little at a time, to increase tolerance.

Gargle Warm Salt Water:

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gargle warm salt water and get rid of cold very fast!!

Salt water gargle is a tried and tested Age old therapy especially if you are suffering from throat Pain or Sore throat which is one of the Symptoms of Common Cold. You can add turmeric to it which works out better in getting rid of cold as Salt and Turmeric help in fighting cough and cold. 

Steam Inhalation:

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steam inhalation will help in getting rid of cold very fast!!

It is the best remedy to get rid of blocked nose. It loosens the Nasal Passage and makes you feel better instantly. A steamy shower relaxes your body and moisturizes your Nasal Passage. 

Follow these simple remedies to get rid of cold very fast and you won’t need to flush your nose and throat like a cleaning lady wielding a toilet brush and caustic chemical cleaners. No desperate acts required!!



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