If you have fever (or if the child) naturally you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Fevers do serve a purpose, but it is believed that the increased body temperature, the immune system and the elimination infectious pathogen stimulates. Therefore, there are some good reasons for the fever to normally continue, at least for the fever to normally continue, at least for a while. “However, you want to control the fever for you or your child as pleasant as possible while the immune system does its job. Luckily, home remedies can help.

#1    A wet Sock Treatment:

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get rid of fever very fast!!

This method works better at night in getting rid of fever. Take a pair of cotton socks clean enough to cover your ankles and socks in time cold water wet back. Squeeze out the excess water and put the socks. Cover these socks from pure cotton wool insulation. The person wearing socks should be in bed for the rest of the night. They should also be covered with a blanket. Most children will be cooperative enough, because they start to feel cool in a few minutes. This treatment is a traditional naturopathic approach. The theory is that cold feet increase the blood circulation and an increased immune system response. The result is that the heat and ends body socks drying and cooling the body consumed. This treatment can relieve chest congestion.

Know how to reduce a Baby’s fever in the video below.

#2    Use a damp towel treatment:

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get rid of fever!!

Take one or two towels and fold together. Enjoy towels in very cold water or ice. Squeeze out the excess water and wrap the towel around the head, neck to the ankles or around the wrists. Do not use more than two areas of towels that is, with a towel around the head and ankle or around the neck and wrists. Otherwise, you can cool down too much. Cold or cold towel remove the body’s heat and can lower the body temperature. Repeat if the cloth is dry, or it is not cold enough to provide relief. This can be repeated as often as necessary so that you can get rid of fever fast.

#3    Slow food:

The old proverb “a cold feed, starve fever” actually has a certain truth, according to recent scientific studies. You do not want to expend the energy of the body for digestion, if this energy should be used to control the infection that causes fever. 

Know what foods you should eat during fever to get rid of it very fast at home in the video below.

#4    Healthy Fruits & Snacks:

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get  rid of fever!!

Choose fruits like berries, watermelons, oranges and melon which are rich in Vitamin C and can help in getting rid of infections and fever. It will also help you hydrate. Avoid heavy, greasy or greasy foods such as roasts or fried foods. Avoid highly flavored foods, such as chicken wings, hot peppers, sausage or so.

#5   Eat a soup:

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get rid of fever!!

While you can have the chicken by yourself, you can also eat chicken soup with rice and some vegetables. Studies have shown that chicken soup can really have medicinal properties will also help you stay hydrated. Be sure to include a good, easily digestible protein source such as scrambled eggs or chicken(add a few pieces of chicken broth) so that it will make you feel better help you in getting rid of fever.

#6    Drink lot of water:

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get rid of fever!!

Drinking more water will help a lot in getting rid of fever easily.The fever can lead to dehydration, which can make the victim feel worse. Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water or oral re hydration solution such as CeraLtye, Pedialyte. Call your doctor before you consult a doctor before you consult a doctor. Be prepared with a list of symptoms and how you or your child has been eating, drinking and having a fever. Also keep a record of how often you need to change diapers or, for older children, how often to urinate. If you are breastfeeding your child, go forward as much as possible. It is the addition of food, water and comfort. 


Follow any of the above remedy to get rid of fever without medication and feel better. Most of the time people get cold and fever which is a worst thing, especially running nose.

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