How to get rid of sleepiness while studying?

Have you ever felt sleepy while studying?? Are searching for any treatment to get rid of sleepiness while studying?.  Feeling sleepy is not only associated with studying. It happens with any activity when we loose interest in it. The main goal is to keep your brain active & engage in whatever you are studying. Don’t worry. Here are some scientific tips to avoid sleepiness while studying.

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get rid of sleepiness while studying!!

1. Switch On the lights:

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switch on the light to get rid of sleepiness while studying!!

Do not study in Dim light. This will make you feel sleepy. switch on all the lights in your room. That is, Study in proper lighting. This will help you in getting rid of sleepiness while studying.

2. Studying Place & Position:

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sit in a right position to get rid of sleepiness while studying

Many people has the habit of lying in the bed and studying with their comfort. This will cause sleepiness because your brain knows that this is the place for sleeping. Sleepiness can be   associated with the place and position you choose.  So sit in straight position like sit on a chair with flat back in a clean room. This will help you in getting rid of sleepiness while studying. If you feel bored to sit in same place you can walk and study for sometime. 

3. Avoid heavy meal:

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avoid heavy meal to get rid of sleepiness while studying!!

Many of us immediately sit of studying just after the just after lunch or dinner.  During this time our stomach is full and the process of digestion will cause a temporary shortage of blood and nutrients of the brain. This will cause sleepiness. So avoid heavy meal before going for study to get rid of sleepiness. Avoid empty stomach also. Take some fruits and vegetables as snacks in between to keep you refreshed while studying.

4. Make  various subject Combinations:

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make different combinations of subjects to get rid of sleepiness while studying!!

Study theory subject in the morning as your brain will be fresh and active. Study practical subjects like Maths in the afternoon because it requires more attention and you won’t feel sleepy. Don’t make studying  a monotonous process. Also you can read louder rather than studying in mind it will help you getting rid of sleepiness. Mark important points, highlight the important words, make some flow charts etc., while studying. Your body and mind are making equal efforts. This will help you in remembering the answers during exams

5. Drink More water:

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drink more water to get rid of sleepiness while studying!!

Some people will keep their water bottle near them and will drink more and more water while studying. Drinking more water while studying &  keeping you hydrated is important. Wash your face if required, to keep you fresh. Do some strechings to make your body active. Have a good sleep in the night. Avoid taking coffee/tea at regular intervals. This will activate your body and help you in getting rid of sleepiness. 


If you are extremely tired or sleepy, then take a break for an hour from studying and go for sleep. Your body and mind needs that rest. Also keep a consistent wake up time so that even your biological clock will sink with it. Avoid distractions and follow these tips to get rid of sleepiness while studying.  If you are not in a mood to study, then follow the tips in my blog on How to get Mood to study? in the link below.

How to get Mood to Study?

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