How to handle a relationship?

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The burning question for almost every teenager and youth is that “How to handle a relationship?” rather than “how to impress my crush?”. Getting into a relationship is not that easy for few… but making the relationship last longer is not easy to almost everyone. I find couples posting in Instagram with all “” captions and the following week posting some heartbroken stuffs. Some with the fear of being betrayed once again, never chose another relationship. But before telling others that you are in a relationship, be very sure whether you are really in a relationship or you are in a real relationship? It all depends. Being in a relationship is not mandatory. But being with the right person is something necessary! That all depends on you and the partner you select.

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The Best Relationship Advice:

The best relationship advice which I would give is “Never be in a relationship “. Oops don’t get shocked. But this is the real fact. First you should start knowing about yourself before knowing about your crush. When you spend time in empowering yourself, the rest will come to you when it has to come. If you come to know about yourself first only you can handle others. Create an identity for yourself, before finding your pair.Take care of yourself well,then only you can care for another person. Personally when I was in school, I felt jealous to see my friends getting into a relationship. But now I literally feel pity to end up heart broken. Imagine about people getting into a relationship in school days, the age meant for being carefree as our parents pamper us with everything, all that was expected from us was to by heart answers, vomit it in the paper and come up with stupid grades to satisfy our parents, especially to shut the mouths of paternal and maternal relatives.

 How easy that job is. But some tend to perform “chemistry” practicals outside the lab and finally got trapped by the chemical reactions and end up failed! If you know what I mean! For their extreme fondness towards that CHEMISTRY they are rewarded with heart breaks at last! Hence it is better to concentrate in the textbook chemistry rather than Facebook chemistry. Only when you are completely confident that you are grown enough (mentally not only physically) you are ready to take care of another person that’s the time to get into a relationship.

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The Actual Kind of Relationship:

The major reason for more failing relationships is that people find a person, propose them, come to know about them so then they break up. But the order here is totally jumbled. The best way is meet a person, come to know about them, propose them so you will never have to break up. A real relationship will know all your flaws rather than your beauties. They accept your mistakes, sometimes they never call it a “mistake”. Adjustments, loving your best friends, no silly fights for late replies, empathy rather than sympathy are few signs that you are really in a real relationship. Some may hate your best friends, the major inseparable creatures in your life may become the most detestable people for your partner. If so there is no other good chance for you to escape from a bad relationship. Remember one thing “Love is not about loving you alone,but loving what you love!”.

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Finding a partner:

A person who looks beautiful and pleasing to your eyes may make you pleading at times. Know that beauty alone doesn’t going to workout in life. But a person who can open up your mind and hear all your heart out and still cares for you is the right person for you. Don’t be in a hurry to select a partner so soon. A Life partner is for your life. So be patient. Choosing a person within 80 seconds for being with you more than 80 years is totally futile. But a person who can put up with all your failures is the one to whom you should dedicate your success. If a person gives you the best motivation and makes you to feel at ease,then trust me he/she is the right person for you. Go ahead and see that you never lose them by your life time by attempting to share your “lifetime” with them!

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Is possessiveness unavoidable?

The answer for the above question is definitely “no”. Imagine your partner is being close with another person of opposite gender. You are feeling jealous as you yourself think that they get equal importance as you get. This is not possessiveness. The heights of jealousy may be.. This is sometimes mistrust too. 

If you are not going to trust your partner. Then you don’t tell “I love you,that’s why I feel possessive “. The right kind of possessiveness emerges when you get the fear of losing your partner. When they are about to move miles away, you should still trust them. But don’t feel insecure. Feel possessive.but never feel jealous.

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To make a perfect couple:

Posting pictures together never get the label for you as “perfect couple”. Exchanging expensive gifts don’t prove that you have an immense love towards your partner. The right way to love is spending time with each other sharing about the day’s happenings and comforting each other to do well the next day. Midnight phone calls and sleepovers are not necessary if you really care that your partner should be healthy with good sleep. When you feel complete with your partner, then you are the perfect couple. There is nothing called real love.. But know one thing “Love is always real “! But it all depends on the person you choose.

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Fall in love with the right person and the right person will never let you fall!


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