How to improve communication skills?

As we all know communication plays an important role in building a good relationship with others. By way of communication you get to express yourself. Some times you get to struck where you need to talk. during an interview you will not be able to communicate properly. There are many reasons behind this some obvious and some not so obvious .

So here there are some tips to improve you’re communication skills.

1. Be bold enough to express what you feel

When you want to express something be confident about it ,just express what you feel. If you’re a hesitant try you’re best to just avoid it and communicate with others .Take you’re time so as to know well about you’re opinions so that you will be confident while communicating.

2.enunciate your words

Just don’t mumble ,speak clearly . Articulate properly so that others could understand . Main purpose of communication is to convey so just make sure that you pronounce correctly .if you aren’t sure of how to say a word ,don’t use it. By reading new words you can improve your vocabulary .

3.slow down your speech

Don’t be fast while talking. people will not be able to understand of what you say. They will assume that you’re unsure of what you say if you talk fast.


Practice makes a man perfect. So it’s clear that practicing at something persistently will enable one to get better that thing. Keep on practice at something in which you feel you need to improve. When you continuously practice something you will definitely become a master in it.

5.improve you listening skills

Listening and speaking will constitute communication .so as to make fruitful communications you need to practice active listening .active listening means being fully present. we need to give our full attention to the speaker .effective communication skills aren’t just about delivering something . its also about constructive listening skills.

6.Watch your body language

Your facial expression ,body ,posture everything plays an important role in effective communication. you must always maintain eye contact. Sometimes there might be misunderstanding because of the body language.

And above all remember that language is not a measure of your knowledge. It’s just a base for communication. So don’t lose your confidence if you are not able to present your ideas, but by training yourself you can execute well.


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