How To Make A Successfull Carrier In Fitness:

Why Should I Become a Personal Trainer?

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If you’ve been thinking about becoming a personal trainer, then 2014 is the time to stop thinking and start doing. Here are eight reasons why you should considering becoming a personal trainer.

You can make a living by helping others change and improve their lives.

You get to see tangible results of your work when clients reach their goals.

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CNN Money magazine identified personal training as one of the top 20 professions in the country due to low stress and positive impact on others.

You develop skill in a profession projected to be one of the fastest growing careers in the next 20 years.

Unlike other industries in the American economy, personal trainers are not at risk of losing their jobs to overseas labor markets.

Tracking Your Future Career Trajectory

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There can be endless permutations to a career in fitness. For simplicity’s sake, this article covers four popular career pursuits in the industry, outlining the major pros and cons of each.

group exercise

personal training

programming/fitness management

club ownership

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Note that these four arenas are far from mutually exclusive. Many fitness pros work in “hybrid” jobs, meaning they build a career by meshing multiple roles and job titles. It is not uncommon for fitness pros to be involved in two, three—or all four—of these categories throughout the course of their career, or even all at once! Tailor the ideas here to make them perfect for you and what you’re most passionate about.


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