How to motivate yourself 

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We often end up saying that we can’t do it because we don’t have someone who can motivate us  . I was one of those or who used to depend on people for motivation.   We just have to understand that everytime you will feel down or demoralised we can’t expect that someone will always be with us to motivate us . Now the question comes HOW YOU WILL MOTIVATE YOURSELF?  

You have the answer in the question . 

Answers is MOTIVATE YOURSELF.  Why you have to depend on anyone  ? The 1st and the most important point is that you  lack confidence.  

You need to understand that if you are not confident than you can’t face the world . You will ALWYS try to hide yourself from the world . Why ? May be because you think that you are not capable enough. 

Well if you will instruct your mind like this your mind will follow what you are instructing it to do. So we see that confidence comes from your mind . And your mind follow your commands  . 

So the 1st step is give positive commands to your mind . How ? 

You have to think positive that yes you can do it . So when you think positive you automatically give yourself the confidence that yes I can do it . If you are SCARED to do anything don’t stop your positivity.  You are afraid but still calm your mind and speak slowly that yes you can do it . It’s very simple.  There’s nothing to be scared about, i can do it . I will . And i can. 

Try it if you don’t BELIEVE me . 

And if you will speak I can’t do it , i can’t do it , I don’t have the confidence,  you will feel you are getting weaker by saying this and that’s how you loose confidence.  

Even if you don’t know how to win . Just calm yourself and speak i will. And i can do it . You are an infinite source of positivity.  

If you are a practical person and you need an example then imagine you are giving an exam and you haven’t studied. You have 2 option either be scared and tense yourself or be enthusiastic , smile and be confident and think positive… by saying I can still do it I can write in the best possible way . I trust my mind . And you will win. Now tell me you can’t do anything you can’t study or cheat in the exam so why to get tensed . Be happy and give your best …. many opportunities are waiting for you . Just learn from your mistakes and move on like a hero . I am sure you will do it better no best . In your life 


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