How to overcome the fear of “STAGE”?

The worst fear almost everyone face is the stage fear. The hesitation to face a large number of people and do some activities is not a very easy task as accepted. But how come many can casually just give their performances and walk away? It depends on many factors to face the stage fear and to face the audience. This is called as the GLOSSOPHOBIA which refers to the fear or anxiety of public speaking. But some of our efforts can be included in order to overcome the stage fear and to improve our public speaking skills.

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Many of them feel that their English speaking skills are very weak and so they don’t volunteer themselves to express their ideas, even though they are good at thinking they de promote themselves because of their shortcomings. But we should understand the purpose of communication. Communication is just the transfer of ideas which should make others to understand of what we are thinking. But the world wide concept is that “SPEAKING IN ENGLISH” is communication, which is totally wrong. English is just a language which helps in communication globally. It is a common language world wide. But the thought of few is that if they don’t communicate in English, they will be put down. That is totally wrong. English is just a LANGUAGE but NOT A MEASURE OF ONE’S KNOWLEDGE. Communication matters all about the way of how you express your ideas, rather than speaking in ENGLISH.

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It has become mandatory to communicate in ENGLISH because it is the common language and also INDIA being a multi linguistic nation, English provides as the helping language to face other language people. English depends on how confidently we can talk than the point of how correctly we talk. Since English is not our native language, it is hard for us to follow it very accurately including the accent. But PRACTISING REGULARLY only helps a person to over come the fear of talking in English. So it is better to keep communicating in ENGLISH, and should follow how others talk and learning from their vocabulary helps us a lot.

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It is true that the AUDIENCE are the true judges. But the real fact is they are present right in front of you hoping to gain some knowledge through your words. So it is in your hands to be confident and inspire them. Only if you could show that how confident you are, they could learn from both your confidence and from your knowledge. Only if you lack confidence and start shivering, they will find you weak and lack their trust over you. After all they are going to learn something from you. So better gain that confidence to make them learn something from you rather than fearing to face them.


Feel free and practice well. Only through proper PRACTISING you can be able to face the audience. It is after all going to be a speech, so it all depends on your perspective of how you consider to face the things. You can also groom yourself well to gain the enough amount of confidence to face the AUDIENCE. Sometimes you can try interacting with the audiences to get a very JOVIAL atmosphere. Only with your level of taking things matters. If you feel positive, you will have a great session.

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Only your level of confidence plays a vital role in facing the audience. Stage fear doesn’t come only for speaking, but it comes for several other activities. The attitude to accept whether you win or loss is very essential. You are either going to win or going to learn from your failure. No one is going to keep remembering your failure but it is in your hand to stop thinking over it all the time and work towards success. Always your positive attitude matters which attracts the audiences too. It is true that not all the celebrities had no stage fear. It must all have started with the stage fear and have reached to heights. Feel proud that you have got a chance to perform in the stage, which is a success there itself. To promote it to further success it all depends on your attitude of taking things.

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Go with the confidence and face the stage. Aspire to win and let the audience get inspired by you.


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