How to crack CA IPCC in one month

if you studied all the subject once than it is not a big job to prepare in one month for ipcc exam.The most time consumable subject is cost accounting, Financial management & Taxation so give the proper time to these subject. Accounting is an scoring subject so try to score good marks in accounts. In CA IPCC every chapter is important but some chapters are most important. Try to cover those important chapters. The most important thing is that solve the previous exam papers & revision test papers(RTP)  for last two to three years as much time you have but at least previous three attempt papers must be  solved. Most important thing is study by writing on notebook.

From the starting you should do all the subject not a single subject in a week. Steps to prepare for CA IPCC  in one month.

1. Spent less amount of time on social networking sites.

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2.Prepare time table for study & time table should be according to chapters

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3. Follow the time table perfectly.

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4. Study with the study material & practice manual provided by institute.

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5. Study the higher weightage chapters first.

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6.Prepare Your own notes so that you can study a day before exam.

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7.Solve the previous attempts Papers & RTP.               


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Some Important topics for CA IPCC  Group 1st exam for may 2018.


a) Partnership is an important chapter. A  question is always asked in exam for 16 or 8 .

b) Amalgamation may be asked in may 18 Exam according to the trend.

c)  Non Profit Organisation(NPO)  is also an important chapter.

d) other chapter has an equal importance.


a) Bonus act, PF act & Gratuity act is less time consuming and easy chapters and may score good marks.

b) Company act is most important Act  in law 20-25 marks may be ask in exam. Specially from meeting Chapter.

c) Ethics & Communication is scoring most in Exam.

Cost Accounting

a) In cost accounting Material, Labour & Overhead are most important chapters.

b) Process & contract costing is an secondary most important chapters also.

c) Standard costing is also an important but time consuming chapter.

Financial Management

a)Cost of capital is an easy and important topic to score a higher marks.

b) capital budgeting is also an important topic and a single question is always asked by institute.

c) Working capital


a) Profit and gain from business & profession is most important in taxes.

b) Salary head is also important.


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