How to prepare schedule in CA

Preparation of schedule one of the most important factor for best preparation in exam. it You must make a time table & must follow it if you want to succeed in exam. You should prepare schedule according to time & your facility. Your schedule should be detailed & must cover the whole syllabus.

Time management is considered one of the most important factor for the success not only in exam but also in every field of work. If you are going to plan any work you should make a schedule.

Schedule makes you proactive rather than reactive.

There are many factor that affects your schedule. some factor to be considered while preparing a schedule is explained below:

1. Reasonableness: The most important factor while preparing time table is reasonableness of schedule. The schedule should be reasonable that means should be achievable. The must be in boundation that you should achieve your time table.

If you want to achieve unreasonable then you even lost reasonable

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2. Topic wise: Timetable must be topic wise not by chapters. Your schedule should be detailed enough to cover your whole topics not the whole chapters. Every topic should be given enough time to understand the topic. You should cover all the topics that is in your book.

Detailed study is far better than selective study

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3. Study hours: Here comes the most important thing that the student want to know how many hours they should study. In my point of view a CA student should study more than 8 hours in a day  & he should classify his whole time according to your flexibility & you should modify the study hours according to availability of time.

Study hours is important but study with concentration is great.

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4. Break in schedule: Time table must include a break from study. When you are studying after some time you need a break. The time table must have break in schedule because after study of many hours you need a break otherwise you will get bored & you will be studying externally not from internal side.

When you feeling bored from study it means you need a break

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5. Consistency: The time table must be in consistency. Time table must not be include time gap because when you have gap in time schedule your concentration from study is braked & your mind is distract from study. So try to prepare schedule without giving a long break but short break must be there in schedule.

We become what we want if we work hard consistently

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6. Manner of revision: Time table must consist of manner how to revise the whole syllabus. According to my point of view revision must be once in a week. So that you may remember the things that you studied in the whole week.

Pass or fail in exam mostly depends on your manner of revision

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7. Distinguish between practical & theory: A CA student try to  cover the whole the subject in one time that is wrong You study all the subject in a day or on alternative day. Try to cover theoretical subject early in the morning & mid of noon & rest of time try to cover your all the practical subject.

Theory teaches you with the experience of other but practical teaches you with your own experience

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8. Scoring first rule: Cover the scoring topics first & allocate a good amount of time  for the topics that are important for the purpose of exam and also provide good amount of time in revision so that you can catch these topics in exam also & can score good marks.

Covering of higher marks is better than lower one


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