How to write a Report

How to write a Report?

Once you are clear about the purpose of writing a report, the persons for whom it is meant, the facts of the examined and the facts to be included, and the time at your disposal, and know what type of report you are going to write, it is time to start. Preparing the report involves the following five steps:

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How to write a report

1.Investigating the source of information.

2.Taking Notes

3.Analysing the data

4.Making an outline, and

5.Writing the report.

1.Investigating the source of Information:

Investigation the source of information is a kind of spadework. It is to be done in right in the beginning. The extent of investigation will, of course, depend on the length and importance of the report. Major source of information are, company files, personal observation, interviews, letters, questionnaires and library research.

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Information sources

2.Taking Notes:

In the course of investigation, the writer keeps on taking notes of anything that appears to be related to the subject. Then there is no time to analyse them and determine how they will be of helping the final report. But as the writer keeps turning them in his/her mind over and over again, kind of pattern starts emerging and he/she begins to be clear about what is relevant and what is not.

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3. Analyzing the Data:

Now is the time to analyse the collected data in the light of the pattern that has evolved. A lot of data have to be rejected while a need might be felt to collect more data. The final pattern will emerge at this stage.The writer should never hurry through this stage,since this is the most important stage in writing a report.

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4.Making an outline:

Once the final pattern of the report has taken shape in the writer’s mind, he/she should prepare an outline to write the report. In this outline, the problem is stated, the facts are recorded, they are briefly analysed and a logical conclusion is arrived at. An outline is not essential, but it can be extremely helpful in writing a systematic report.

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5.Writing the report:

The last stage is that of writing the report. It will need a constant shuttling between the outline and the notes. First a rough draft of the report is prepared. Then it is revised, pruned and polished. If the writer has some more time at his disposal, he/she will find it advantageous to come back to his/her rough draft after, say, a couple of days. This short interval will make his/her revision work really meaningful. The writer should also be careful that the language of the report is simple, unambiguous and free from grammatical errors. It is now time to type of the report in a proper form and submit it.

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How to write a effective report


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