How To Write Your First Blog.

Writing the first blog is as scary as hell !!!

How can i write the first blog?

What should be my opening sentence?

What do i suppose to write about ?

And above all : how do i write in a way that grabs my reader’s attention and keep them moving down the page?

Don’t worry!  Writing a blog is a lot easier then you think, you just need to find some good niches. So here are all tips you need to follow to write your first blog:

Use images preferably every 100-150 words

Using images may grabs your reader’s attention and maintain their interest throughout the blog. And make sure you don’t use images from Google because there will be some  copyright issues. You can use pics from some other websites like pexels, pixabay or any other free image websites. 

Use proper tags & categories 

Using 10 to 20 tags and 3 to 5 proper categories will increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking, and if you write quality blog, you will be in top ranks in search engines. So by this you will get good traffic on your blog.  

Paragraphs shouldn’t be more than 3-4 lines long 

If you write long paragraphs, then readers will get bored easily. Just write paragraphs in brief along with the good details and consider facts also. You can use subheadings, so that paragraphs will divide and it will grab reader’s interest.

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Analyze other blogs

Reading other blogs may give you idea about how to make your blog interesting and  more attractive. And moreover you will be inspired about your next blog topic and you can improve your blogs.

Add Videos to your blog

Readers will remember your blog for a longer time if you add videos in it, because readers always remember things that they see for a longer time as compare to things they read. Use your own videos if possible or mention links from YouTube videos otherwise there will be copyright issues. 

Here’s a video if you need more help for your first blog


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