Impacts and importance of “marriage”.

Marriage is a  public joining of man and women as a husband and wife living organized with their children. Following are the impacts and importance of marriage

impacts and importance of marriage

Characteristics of marriage

Marriage is a one of the worldwide practice happening in every nook and corner of the world on the basis of civilization. It is prescribed as social rule in some of the societies. In Korea, bachelor individuals are identified as ‘half’ person. According to the Chinese philosopher “Confucius”, individual who reminds bachelor throughout his or her life commits a great crime.

Marriage is an understanding of man and women. One should marry how many? is the question which signifies the social culture of the people.

Marriage shows a lifetime bond between the husband and wife, so it is not depending on sex life. This bond acknowledged by the society of people, marriage creates certain rights and responsibilities on both husband and wife, responsibilities like supporting  each other and their children.In the shape of family.

impacts and importance of marriage

Importance of marriage

• • Marriage controls the sexual needs of life in human.

• • It prevents the sensory relationship between the closely related genetically individuals such as brothers, sisters.

• • It leads to the sexual fulfillment between the couples.

• • It makes the couple to divide the works on source of sex.

• • It helps them to lead a happy life with cooperation.

• • It is not only bring the couple together but also their family and relatives.

There are certain forms of marriage such as Polygyny, Monogamy, etc.


Polygyny is one of the type of marriage in which one man can marry two or more women. it was accomplished in ancient times. there are two types.

Type 1 – marriage in which wives are commonly the sisters.

Type 2 – marriage in which wives are not linked as sisters.

Reason for polygyny

• It will happen due to some economic causes in women family. Some of them do polygyny for prestige.

• The childless wife her-self advice her husband to have a second marriage.


• Polyandry is one of the type of marriage here in which a woman can marry more men is differ from the typical one.


• Monogamy is a type in which a man can marries a woman, this is the most communal method of marriage seen worldwide.

Advantages of monogamy

• • This monogamy with its principle placed a path for culture to the world.

• • Monogamy is economically beneficial.

• • Only monogamy can bring the mutual understanding and affection between husband and wife.

• • Family comes on the basis of monogamy are more constant than other.

• • It will not make any property issues.

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Hold on!

The culture and heritage in the environment can be sustained only with the help of our marriage practices and our future generation must have a clear vision  about the impact and importance of marriage



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